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All re games most to least favourite.

I remember asking a question similar to this but ı'm planning to ask it again. Anyways for me:

1. All re games equally except survivor 2, gaiden, reorc, umbrella corps and re7 ( Great tier )

2. Re7 ( Good tier )

3. Survivor 2 and gaiden ( Ok tier )

4. Reorc and umbrella corps ( Bad tier )

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Resident Evil 2 Remake Demo?

Will we get a demo for RE2Make? And if so, what will it be like?
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• 12/10/2018

Albert Wesker vs Mr.X.

who would kick who's ass?
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• 12/8/2018

About ada, her true organization as well as information that's not revealed about her.

Do you think more mysterious info about her as well as more info about her true organization should be revealed in a future re title?

The question written above.
  • I agree, capcom should reveal as much info as possible about her.
  • No, ı prefer her to be as mysterious as possible.
  • I'm ok regardless if capcom decides to reveal info about her or not.
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• 12/8/2018

Anderson film labeling confusion

I've just begun trying to fix up the proper labeling of T-Virus infected humans on all of the article pages relating to the Paul W.S. Anderson films.

So, to properly clarify:

The Anderson films, and the novelizations of Retribution and The Final Chapter refer to T-Virus infected as Undead.

While the Keith R.A. Decandido novelizations exclusively refer to T-Virus infected as Zomboids.

They are not referred to as Zombies in any of the Anderson film related continuities, and as such, there should be no mention of them anywhere on the pages, only the designated labeling's should be accounted for. This also includes leaving proper links as well, as many on the Anderson continuity pages erroneously go to the Prime Universe's Zombie page.

The only thing in the film related continuity that is ever referred to as "Zombie" are the Zombie Dogs, but even they had been referred to as "Cerberus" as of The Final Chapter.

Please regard this message when editing any relating pages.


Undead Resident Evil Wiki
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• 12/8/2018

Resident Evil: Revelations 3 idea

Seeing as Rani Chawla is about 21 as of 2018, I would like to see her reappear in a similar manner as Sherry Birkin.

She could quite possibly be working at TerraSave, hired on by Claire Redfield, partnered alongside Moira Burton to quell and rehome survivors of a new outbreak. The C-Virus (or an altered strain of it) would be nice to see in this theoretic scenario, as the ending of RE6 had shown us it continues to be used by terrorists. We've only seen it being used in one game and a manga series, and it still has much potential for horrific mutations...

While we're on the subject of returning cast members. Jessica Sherawat could be the perpetrator of this fictional story. Why Jessica? you've got me, but as an ex-spy for TRICELL, she'd need work, and seeing how heartless she can be ("Why save Parker?"), I wouldn't put killing thousands for personal gain behind her self-absorbed behavior. Raymond Vester (for his background with Jessica) or Jake Mueller (we last saw him tackling middle-eastern C-Virus outbreaks) could even assist Burton and Chawla in apprehending Sherawat and exposing her employer, which could be Umbrella Corps... They've got C-Virus samples, and they are a bio-weapons blackmarket organization, it wouldn't be hard to say they were killing off the competition or something simple along the likes...

I know, I know, I'm delving into fan fiction here... But it isn't a farfetched scenario when you look at the series, and it would even wrap up a couple loose ends while adding a new playable character to the franchise!

Resident Evil: Revelations 3? Anyone?

Would you like to see a new title specifically for tying up loose ends?
  • Yes! Some of these forgotten plot-lines need to be resolved!
  • Neutral, I just want to play a new entry, regardless of its plot...
  • No. I'd rather see the franchise move forward with new storylines.
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• 12/7/2018

D.C. Douglas on how Albert Wesker would (theoretically) meet Jake Mueller.

Before I bring this up, I'd like to say that any commentary done by voice actors is obviously not approved upon as official by Capcom, as their thoughts are purely their own.

With that being said, in a ROEpodcast interview with D.C. Douglas, a fan submitted question asked him:

"How do you think Wesker would react to Jake Mueller? Would Wesker care at all that he had a son? Or would he just seen him as a mistake, and to be disposed of?"

In response to that question, D.C. commented firstly on how he only knows the character of Albert Wesker through his dialogue, being a bit unfamiliar with any of the Resident Evil lore outside of the feedback he'd recieve from the fans.

But returning to the question at hand, D.C. Douglas said the resulting meet up would ultimately depend of what narrative style the theoretical game depicting their reunion would be going for:

A more cinematic entry would show an aspect of Albert Wesker that cared about the idea of him having a son, but in a self-reflective way due to the powers Jake inherited from him. (D.C. even mentions parrallels of egotistical pride between Albert Wekser and Donald Trump at this point)

The follow-up question then asks how Wesker would react in a situational introduction to Jake (they settle on using the scenario of Jake attacking Albert), and D.C. Douglas comments that Wesker would probably find humour in such a situation. Testing his son's abilities to their limits and being disapointed in himself whenever his successor would miss, but ultimately would stop him before Jake could launch a killing blow. (D.C. then joked about how he pictured them getting drunk at a bar and having bizarre bonding moments)

What do you guys think of this theoretical possibility of Albert Wesker and Jake Mueller meeting for the first time? Is it kind of on tune with what you'd expect of their characters?

I honestly think this is a good representation of how each's thoughts would be of the others, with Wesker looking at it as another test, while Jake lashed out in anger over his absent bio-terrorist father.

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• 12/6/2018

The new Ada fan now

The new RE2 remake Ada Wong is awesome. I think many will agree.
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• 12/4/2018

Placing Resident Evil: Vendetta's events in the Timeline...

So I just finished meticulously scanning through Resident Evil: Vendetta, freezing it whenever a sign, screen, camera footage, or file appeared in any hope of finding a date somewhere... To no avail.

Marza Planet clearly didn't want to make time-stamping this film easy.

May I suggest we merely place some form of circa as the timestamp?

c. 2013-2016?

The novelization indicated the events occurred months after RE6, but the same novel had introduced additional supplemented and alternate scenes from what played out in the film, rendering it non-canon.

When talking about their favorite television series, Breaking Bad, Damian claimed "It's ahead of its time!" and Nadia added that "It's a God-damn Masterpiece!," Which could imply the show had already finished its final season, as one would usually only call something a "Masterpiece" if it was a complete item in question. As the final season ended around September, 2013. This supports the time-frame mentioned in the novel at around Summer of 2014, with the camera surveillance of the Great Lakes area attacks notably absent of snow and ice or winter clothing. As a fellow Canadian, I can say for sure the cold, snow and ice are relevant up until late Springtime-early Summer in most parts of Canada.

Chris Redfield is notably not partnered with Piers Nivans and now runs a new unit, the Silver Daggers. On top of this, the BSAA are clearly branching out to assist other military units (as Chris assists the Mexican Military in Queretaro), something Forerunner had speculated to put the date of events roughly around 2015, as the BSAA are now failing in their mission statement and now work third-party alongside other units.

The previously aforementioned release of the 2016 Ducati XDiavel would suggest a 2016 time-frame. But previous titles in the past have often erroneously dismissed product release dates. This makes placing a 2016 Ducati product as a timestamp potentially unreliable, but still worth mentioning.

And finally, we are all under the belief as of now that the events of this film are prior to 2017, as Chris Redfield is not associated at all with Blue Umbrella at this point, a key component of Resident Evil 7: biohazard's reveal of the character.

With all of this information at hand, we can say the events are placed within the rough time-frame of 2013-2016.

It personally looks awkward in my opinion that we haven't any time placement on so many pages in the lore, and I fully understand that it's due to the lack of definitive dates in the film, but can we at the very least place "c. 2013-2016" as the date of events? It's the best placeholder I can think of to allow newer people of this wiki to grasp when the film takes place in the timeline...

Obviously, if there is ever more concrete evidence down the road, I'm all for using it... But at the moment that's a luxury we simply don't have.

(and might not see either, as it's been almost 2 years since the film's release without any further comments from either Marza Planet or Capcom)

Chronology is key to understanding this franchise, and we have all approximated the events to of occurred around those years, so why not use it in the meantime?


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• 11/30/2018

Game Manuals

Hello everyone, I have a brief idea for a new gallery we should implement onto pages detailing specific games. This new gallery should be involving scans of game manuals from front to back. I say this in response to my post on Resident Evil 6's page where I revealed to those who might not of known that Wal-Mart had released stickers with their copies. This made me wonder why we don't have more info on the pamphlets, DLC papers, pages and manuals that come included in your copy of the game. It would be especially useful as an archive of sorts, for those who may have the game without a manual...

Should we add this idea into play? I own quite a number of the titles and can lend a hand in setting these new galleries up. Any thoughts on this? And if approved upon, should we only include manuals, or any to all papers one might've found in their copy of "Resident Evil: ___"?

Should We Include Manual Scans On The Corresponding Title's Article Page?
  • Yes, it's a part of the game!
  • No, it's not necessary!
  • Neutral, I might look at them when browsing pages...
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• 11/26/2018

Anderson Universe Banner

Just a bit of design thought, but, would anyone else like an updated banner for the Anderson Universe using artwork from The Final Chapter? I don't know, the current banner with the screenshot from Afterlife has Alice looking downright confused :P

Post image
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• 11/26/2018

Favorite CGI movie?

For me, it probably has to be degeneration
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• 11/23/2018

New RE script announced

I think everyone wouldn't mind to have a read!

It sounds as though Greg Russo's script wants a similar vibe to Resident Evil 7: biohazard.

Also worth noting here, Greg Russo himself confirms he's no longer attached to the project. They like his script however, so it's possible his vision will still be used!

First Draft for Resident Evil Film Reboot Is Horror, Focusing on Roots - Rely on Horror
First Draft for Resident Evil Film Reboot Is Horror, Focusing on Roots - Rely on Horror Rely on Horror
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• 11/22/2018
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• 11/12/2018

A remake of Resident Evil Gaiden

Alright so this is halfway a joke and halfway serious, but I think it'd be pretty cool to see them remake Gaiden in the modern RE engine, maybe as a completion reward for a game or a DLC, because lets be honest it wouldn't be worth a full $60. Or they could just revamp the graphics and sell it mechanically unchanged as a mobile game or something. Either way I think it'd be a neat gimmick thing.

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• 11/10/2018

Unpopular opinions about re franchise.

I know that ı've created a topic about this before but ı'm planning to create again. Anyways; here are mine unpopular opinions; would like to see other people's unpopular opinions again.

1. I liked simmons' mutations ( especially t-rex one ) and the way he goes back to his human form and such. His death scene was also awesome, his blood formed a neo-umbrella logo.

2. Re6 is the most underrated re game.

3. Re4 and re7 are the most overrated re games.

4. My favourite virus is c-virus.

5. I liked vendetta more than damnation.

6. I liked all main re games equally except re7. Also ı liked all re games equally except re7, survivor 2 / gaiden, reorc / umbrella corps. ( I listed these 5 re games most to least favourite imo btw. )

7. Vendetta is the most underrated cgi film.

8. Jake's addition to re franchise was a good idea, it made wesker's past more interesting and likeable. Plus he doesnt look nonsensical and forced.

9. I dont like plaga and mold that much compared to progenitor / umbrella ( not blue umbrella / rival organization ) related products.

10. I found the teamwork with re5's aı partner and re5's inventory system more interesting and better than re4's inventory system.

11. I found re5's weapon system more interesting than re4's weapon system.

12. The only bad re games imo are reorc and umbrella corps. All other re games ( even survivor 2 , gaiden and re7 ) are good re games.

13. I didnt like genesis in rerev that much due to the long distance that it has to scan an item. Rerev2's is way better.

14. I dont hate any re game.

15. I think re4's story should have been a longer version of operation javier. Imo it has a way better story than re4's not to mention it connects to re2 and recv way better than re4.

16. Re6 ( and equally other main re games along with most of the spinoffs ) is a better re game / game than re7.

17. The ada / carla / simmons / clone plot feature in re6 is fine and interesting. Idk why everyone's saying that's a copy paste feature from anderson's products, if anything anderson copy pasted those features from recv to his films. ( Like alice clones seems like inspiration from alexia and alfred created as clones so that ashford family can increase their popularity in a good way. )

18. Re6 has the 3rd best story. ( Best one being the games that canonically takes place during the raccoon city incident and 2nd best one being the games that canonically takes place during raccoon forest incident. )

19. Steve is a fine character and his voice isnt really annoying in any of the 2 re games.

20. I wouldnt mind if re franchise's action status start to go up to heavy levels. ( Like it happened in re4 / re5 / re6 / re7 not a hero / re7 end of zoe when taking main re games into account only. )

21. After re3 and recv, capcom should remake survivor.

22. Lott and lily are interesting characters in survivor and should reappear in a future re title.

23. Simmons and carla are underrated villains.

24. Ustanak has a cool design and his backstory is more interesting than nemesis.

25. Rachael and marguerite's mutated forms are boring and annoying. They also dont look scary imo.

26. Plotwise, rerev3 needs to be a re6 sequel kinda like how rerev2 is a re5 sequel.

27. I found the decision of re0 / re:of1 / re:of2 removing item boxes interesting.

28. Compared to other leons, re4 leon is my least favourite and re6 leon is my most favourite.

29. Chris' big muscles in re5 / rerev / re6 / vendetta and even in re7 is fine.

30. Qtes in re6 are more interesting than re4 / re5's qtes.

31. The laser room scene in re4 looks more ridiculous to me than chris punching a boulder at the end of re5. Also for some reason, some of the fanbase is seriously obsessed with boulder jokes, ugh...

32. Gaiden has the worst qtes, followed by umbrella chronicles.

33. I think claire in rerev2 looks fine and resembles an older version of memories of a lost city / game of oblivion / degeneration. Cant say the same thing to rerev jill and re7 chris though...

34. I dont like leon spamming his jokes in re4. ( His " Your right hand comes off? " joke is still awesome though. ) He's fine in damnation and re6 though due to not spamming them too much.

35. Official localization sucks, ı'm surprised some of the capcom staff still doesnt know english language well.

36. I think all re games have horror.

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• 11/8/2018

About re2 remake.

Do you think it should reference other main re games plot wise?

Like for example:

In Ada's scenario have Wesker play a similar role like in Separate Ways.

Simmons can appear or The Family can be mentioned by Ada.

Benford can make an appearance at the end of Leon's scenario.

Sergei can appear in the Helicopter that drops Mr. X that pursues Leon and Claire.

Jill and Nemesis can make an appearance. have Claire or Leon watch a recording the day before that shows some shit that happened.

Christine Henry can be referenced in Hunk's scenario.

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• 11/7/2018

What scenarios are canon in re2

I was just wondering
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• 11/7/2018

More translated articles related to blue umbrella.

Did anyone see these before? They confirm some of news bot's theories. ( See blue umbrella page in biohaze site to understand what ı mean with theories. )

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• 11/6/2018


The most scariest and intimidating one. For me it's the regenerator on re4. The first time you encounter it, it scared the crap outta me
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