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thank you for helping here. I am maybe future admin of the german wiki. ;) And I see you thhe most diligent user here. CyaBlackLily77 16:03, 19. Mär. 2012 (UTC)

I try to speak english so good i can. LoL my bf is american and so yes...I have to. How i said, i manage to get the rights as admin for this wiki. So your welcome. I don't give up! :D by the way, u cant german? Or do u speak german? Cuz i wondering how an admin of the english wiki is here? I am just curious!BlackLily77 18:27, 19. Mär. 2012 (UTC)

thats really cool! i am happy u here! :DBlackLily77 18:40, 19. Mär. 2012 (UTC)

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