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Various zombies appear as Infected cards in Resident Evil: The Deck Building Game . There are several kinds, including two different cards titled Zombie Male (25 Health, 10 Damage/20 Health 10 Damage), Zombie Female (15 Health, 10 Damage) which allows the player that defeated it to designate someone and negate their ability to use Actions, Zombie Butcher (15 Health, 10 Damage) which skips a designated players turn once defeated, Zombie Hoard (30 Health, 20 Damage), Zombie Cop, Reinforced Zombie; which lowers the amount of Decorations required for the player's character to reach Level 2 by 1 point, and Grave Zombie; which is one of the weakest Infected in the entire game (10 Health, 10 Damage) [1]One of the many zombie cards in the DBG.

The Infection Mode in the Outbreak expansion allows players to become Infected characters and attack others. Three Infected characters are featured in the game currently and are simply called Zombie A, Zombie B, and Zombie C. In addition, a new variation of Zombie Male now called Zombie Cop is also featured in the set.


Zombies are not limited to just walking around and biting. Although limited in their brainpower, zombies can plan attacks; albeit to a minor extent. Some have been encountered "playing dead" until within a certain range of their prey.

  • Bite: The "bite" is the signature move shown by zombies. When close to a survivor, a zombie will lunge straight for them and rip into their flesh with their teeth. The saliva in the zombie's mouth will make contact with the wound and spread the t-Virus.
  • Scratch: Like their V-ACT successors, zombies use their sharp fingernails to cut open skin. This can be used to injure potential victims before eating them. Zombies in Resident Evil Outbreak 1 and 2 often attack using this method.
  • Bile: Most zombies share a habit for random vomiting. Some appear to vomit at the same time as they are attacking an enemy. The bile tends to inflict damage due to an unknown acidic trait.
  • "Playing Dead": Some zombies may lie on the floor in a motionless state; mimicking death. When prey have moved too close, they will attack them by grabbing and biting into the leg. Zombies "playing dead" can be found if their head is seen moving with the prey; watching it. They can be confirmed as dead when a pool of blood starts to form around the zombies body.
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