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Brzak es una victima del virus C, pero se trata de una especie extremadamente mutada. La palabra "Brzak" deriva del término serbio que significa "rabión".

Sus facultades oculares y auditivas son prácticamente inexistentes y por tanto utiliza las sensaciones cinéticas provocadas por los movimientos en el agua para cazar a su presa. Ataca indiscriminadamente a toda presa en movimiento, ya sea humana o zombi. Sin embargo, los cadáveres que flotan en el agua no le interesan.

Brzak is a victim of the C-Virus, although one that is extremely mutated. Brzak is derived from the Serbian word for "rapids."

It's aural and ocular faculties are practically non-existent, so it relies on kinetic sensations based on movement in the water to hunt its prey. It will indiscriminately attack all moving prey, be it human or zombie. Cadavers that float in the water, however, do not interest it.

Below is a memo written by a researcher for The Family detailing the ferociousness of the Brzak.

This crazy shark-monster will eat almost anything we drop in. Just the other day we threw a few old computers in and instantly the thing just went at them like they were candy - attracted by the movement from them landing in the water. But then it stopped once it realized they weren't moving, so we had to poke at the equipment with sticks to make it interested again. We needed the data destroyed on those hard drives, so not only is this thing good at killing, but it's handy around the office, too.

Come to think of it, we've got lots of dead subjects from our experiments to get rid of today, so I think I'll just have them dropped into the tank as a snack for our little garbage disposal.


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