Finn Macauley
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La galería de Resident Evil 6
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Finn Macauley era un agente de la BSAA de 22 años que trabajaba para la división de América del Norte. La guerra civil de Edonia fue el primer conflicto bélico e el que participó. Chris Redfield era su capitán. Era honesto, sincero y algo tímido. Como experto en explosivos su tareas incluían la destrucción de barricadas y torretas antiaéreas. Por desgracia, cayó en una de las trampas de Ada y fue infectado con el virus que le transformó en una de las B.O.W.s que se suponía que debía derrotar. Tras perder su parte humana y perder el control, fue eliminado por una de las tropas de apoyo de la BSAA enviadas a Edonia para liquidar armas biorgánicas.

Finn Macauley is a 22-year-old BSAA operative working for its North American Branch. The first real action he sees is in Edonia's civil war. Chris Redfield is his commanding officer. He is honest and sincere, if somewhat timid. As an explosives expert, he is tasked with destroying barricades and anti-aircraft gun turrets. Unfortunately, he falls victim to Ada's machinations, succumbing to an infection that turns him into one of the very B.O.W.s he was tasked with fighting. After losing his humanity during the transformation into a mindless creature, he is killed by BSAA support troops dispatched to Edonia to dispose of the B.O.W.s. Finn sent a letter to his mother the day before he was sent to Edonia.

Dear Mom,

I hope you've been doing alright. Tomorrow, I ship out to Edonia as a member of BSAA North America's Alpha team. Since I'm still just a rookie, it's an honor for me to be able to join this team. I just hope I don't slow down any of the others.

The name of our team's captain is Chris Redfield. He's pretty much a legend due to his track record for fighting against bioterrorism. I had the chance to talk to him once, but he looked so scary that I couldn't get anything out. But I'll probably have another chance once we get to Edonia, so I'll try not to be so timid the next time. I need to listen to you more and just be more outgoing.

Well, I'd better get going. It'll be a while before I can write you again, so don't get too worried about me. I wish I could get you something from Edonia, but you know how busy it can get on the battlefield.


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Finn Macauley es un archivo que aparece en la galería de Resident Evil 6.

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