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La galería de Resident Evil 6
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Jake Muller es un mercenario profesional de 20 años que trabaja para las fuerzas rebeldes de Edonia. A pesar de su juventud, su experiencia en combate es considerable y sus técnicas de supervivencia son admirables. Su cinismo hace que parezca una persona poco accesible e incluso sus compañeros mercenarios lo consideran malhumorado y frío. Lo único en lo que Jake confía en este mundo es en el dinero en efectivo y nunca se preocupa por los demás. Vende sus servicios al mejor postor sin importarle lo más mínimo la ideología que sus jefes puedan tener.

Jake Muller is a 20-year-old professional mercenary under the employ of rebel forces in Edonia. Despite his youth, his combat experience is quite high, and his survival skills are quite formidable. His cynicism creates an unapproachable aura, and even his fellow mercenaries consider him to be moody and distant. The only thing he trusts in this world is cold, hard cash, and he has no time for the concerns of others. He is the consummate mercenary, selling his services to the highest bidder without any concern for the ideologies of the groups that employ him. While Sherry was investigating Jake, she talked with some mercenaries who remembered him. Here is what one of them had to say.

Jake Muller? Yeah, I remember him.

We were together a lot back in Edonia. Not a very nice guy, but not exactly bad. But he's like me—money is everything. Being nice doesn't make you money. We're killers without consciences and that means we just do our job without thinking about if it's "nice" or not. Jake especially seemed to have that tendency. But that's pretty much all we have to do with each other.

Why? Is he your boyfriend or something? You're a pretty brave little girl coming to a place like this to chase a guy like that. He's not your boyfriend? Then what are you doing here? Shouldn't you be at school? Sorry, you just look really young.

Here, you look like you've been through a lot; why don't you come over to my place and rest up? Come on, I'm not gonna hurt ya! Hey, wait—come back! What's the problem? Shit...

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Jake Muller es un archivo que aparece en la galería de Resident Evil 6.

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