Leon y el incidente de Raccoon City
Leon y el incidente de Raccoon City
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Resident Evil 6
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En 1998, Raccoon City padeció un accidente biológico con un virus creado en un laboratorio. El virus se extendió rápidamente en la ciudad, de 100 000 habitantes, convirtiéndose en primer y peor accidente biológico del siglo XX. El acontecimiento es conocido como "el incidente de Raccoon City", un nombre insuficiente para reflejar la tragedia y el horror que tuvieron lugar en esa idílica ciudad estadounidense.

Uno de los pocos supervivientes del suceso fue Leon S. Kennedy, un policía novato que quedó atrapado en la pesadilla y fue atacado continuamente por gente infectada y por armas biorgánicas producidas por la corporación Umbrella. Pese a las adversidades, Leon logró escapar de la ciudad sano y salvo. Aunque no haber podido salvar a más personas le pesara en la consciencia el resto de su vida y los sucesos que tuvieron lugar en esa ciudad maldita quedaron grabados en su memoria para siempre. Por eso, se prometió que haría todo lo que estuviera en sus manos para impedir que se repitiera una catástrofe como la de Raccoon City.

In 1998, a biohazard incident involving a man-made virus contaminated the entire town of Raccoon City. The town of 100,000 became ground zero for the world's single worst biohazard outbreak in the 20th century. The clinical naming of the event as the Raccoon City Incident does nothing to express the tragedy and horror that occurred in that idyllic American town.

During the incident, a rookie police officer named Leon Kennedy was caught up in the nightmare. He was attacked by human infected, a.k.a. zombies, and Umbrella-engineered bio-organic weapons.

Against all odds, he and a few other survivors were able to escape from the city. He regretted that he was only able to save so few people that day, and the events that transpired in Raccoon City etched themselves indelibly on his mind. From that point on he vowed he would do all he could to ensure the world would never see a tragedy like Raccoon City repeated.

Leon spoke very little of the incident afterwards. Government officials who heard of his survival tried to ask him about what happened out of curiosity, but he always avoided them. However, there was one high-ranking official that he did not avoid. Below are Leon's words as spoken to Adam Benford during a conversation they had years ago, before Benford became president.

I was just glad to have gotten out of there alive. It was all I could think about. Sure, my anger towards Umbrella helped get me through it, but it was only after I got out that I really started thinking about what I could do. It was hard for Claire and I to hold on to any kind of hope in a situation like that. I mean come on, I was just a rookie cop and she was a 19-year-old college student.

To tell you the truth, I even thought about ending it - several times, actually - with just a quick bullet to the head. But I didn't give up. Sherry needed me. She was a 10-year-old girl thrown into a hellish environment with monsters after her, so I had to pull myself together for her sake. She was our reason for not giving up - especially for Claire.


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