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Lepotitsa es una víctima del virus C, pero se trata de una especie extremadamente mutada. Irónicamente, la palabra "Lepotitsa" deriva de la expresión serbia que significa "mujer bella".

El cuerpo de la criatura está cubierto de enormes poros que segregan un gas mortal capaz de infectar un área que abarca 5 kilómetros. Cualquier ser vivo que inhale esos efluvios muere para luego renacer como zombi. A diferencia de la infección zombi normal, que se transmite por el mordisco de un zombi o por contacto con sangre contaminada, esta criatura transforma el virus en una sustancia que permanece en el aire y por ello es difícil evitar el contagio. El ataque bioterrorista que el agente Leon S. Kennedy presenció en Tall Okas fue provocado por esta criatura.

Lepotitsa is a victim of the C-Virus, although one that is extremely mutated. The word Lepotitsa, ironically, is derived from the Serbian word for "woman of beauty."

The creature's body is covered in large pores that secrete a deadly gas. Anyone who inhales its fumes will die and be reanimated as a zombie. One creature has the potential to infect an area within a three-mile radius.

Unlike a traditional zombie infection, which is spread by a zombie's bite or contact with contaminated blood, this creature turns the virus into an airborne agent, thus creating a contaminant that is harder to avoid. The bioterror attack that Agent Kennedy encountered in Tall Oaks was triggered by this creature.

Lepotitsa is thought to be the first C-Virus mutation discovered by Neo-Umbrella. Evidence of this was found in a note amongst the remains of the laboratory underneath the Tall Oaks Church. Below is what was written on that note.

We were able to create Lepotitsa through continuous experimentation on the sample taken one year ago from subject C-16 (Nanan Yoshihara) of Marhawa School. The work paid off because it is no doubt a very effective weapon. Letting a few of these go on a gassing spree in Tall Oaks should infect everyone.

All chrysalids determined to mutate into a Lepotitsa have been placed strategically around the Tall Oaks area, so now all we have to do is wait for hell to break loose. As a precaution, all specimens have been made to self destruct after they have completed their objectives. In addition, one will be kept here in the laboratory in case we are tracked down.

I can't wait until everyone sees what we've put in their backyards.


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