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Querida Helena, Siento mucho no haber sido la hermana que a ti te habría gustado, aunque ya sé que tú siempre me has querido incondicionalmente. Los siento mucho, de verdad. Me han inyectado algo que me está haciendo olvidar quien soy e incluso, quién eres tú. Pero yo no quiero olvidarte por nada del mundo. Quiero que sepas que yo siempre te he querido mucho también. No quiero que nos separemos. Espero que encuentres a alguien que te quiera tanto como yo. No... me... olvides... por favor... Te quiero...

To my dear sister Helena, I'm sorry I was never the good sister I should have been, even though you loved me unconditionally. I'm sorry for everything. They injected me with something. It's making me forget things, who I am. Who you are even. I don't want that. Please know that I've always loved you, too. I don't want to leave you hope you find someone to love you dont want forge love you Below is a report written by a member of The Family, found in the same research facility that Deborah's memo was found.

We've been ordered to dispose of Deborah now that the plan has succeeded. But some of us wanted to see what the C-Virus would do to her healthy body, so we injected her. She was just going to be killed and thrown away anyway, so we didn't see any problems with it.

Some were excited and had high hopes for her mutation, but there were no visible effects even an hour after injection. Unfortunately, we need to hurry and evacuate Tall Oaks. In just a few hours it's going to be a giant ball of fire. We're going to have to leave Deborah in the lower levels, though it's too bad that we won't be able to see how she turns out.

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