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En 1998, un accidente biológico relacionado con el virus T contaminó Raccoon City por completo. Los habitantes infectados sucumbieron el contagio y se convirtieron en criaturas caníbales y torpes. Según los informes del incidente, los ojos de muchos de los infectados eran vidriosos y su piel se había deteriorado o desollado. Como estos seres se asemejaban a los muertos vivientes de los cuentos de ficción, recibieron el nombre de "zombis". El origen del suceso en Tall Oaks sigue siendo desconocido. Pero las fases de infección tienen un parecido sorprendente a las de Raccoon City. Y para bien o para mal, a las victimas de este suceso también se les llama "zombis".

In 1998, a biohazard incident involving the T-Virus contaminated the entirety of Raccoon City. Inhabitants infected by the virus succumbed to infection, but their corpses were reanimated by the same virus into shambling, flesh-eating creatures. Reports from the incident indicated that many of the revenants' eyes were glazed over, and their skin had either decayed or been flayed. As these revenants resemble the walking dead of horror fiction, they were given the decidedly unscientific name of zombies. The source of the current biohazard event in Tall Oaks remains unknown, but the stages of infection of the victims bear a striking resemblance to those of Raccoon City. For better or for worse, the appellation of zombie has been applied to these victims as well. The zombies of Tall Oaks, however, have different characteristics than those infected by the T-Virus. This is confirmed in a report sent by Leon to the FOS during his involvement on the scene.

Sender: Leon S. Kennedy

Here's my report on the infected victims.

Most are strong and agile, and they can run and jump. They even make use of nearby objects as weapons and are able to avoid obstacles in their way. Only a very small handful of T-Virus and G-Virus victims showed these kinds of abilities, but these cases were so few that they were never made public and no answer as to why they were different was found.

Records of them only exist with the BSAA and US investigators. These are no longer slow, stupid animals that just want to feed. They are strong and fierce, so extra precautions must be taken in dealing with them.

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