"Below Freezing Point" SCENE 02 is a cutscene in the "Below Freezing Point" scenario of Resident Evil Outbreak.


Yoko Suzuki: "Monica?"
Monica: "I didn't expect you to return."
"After your little incident, I assumed that you went and hid under a rock like the little child that you are."
Yoko: "What is that capsule?"
Monica: "Wait! Wait! Are you after this, too?"
"You are, aren't you? Oh you are so-"
Yoko: "Stop it. I don't understand what you're talking about."
Monica: "Don't play the innocent little girl with me. You can't fool me! You could never fool me!"
"But, maybe we can work something out."
"Give me your ID card."
"Yoko, you little lifesaver. I'm so glad we had this chance to catch up."
"Have a nice life. What's left of it."

Yoko Suzuki: "…モニカ…?"
Monica: "まさか、 あんたに会うとはね"
"怖くなって、 もう戻ってこないかと思ってたわ"
Yoko: "それは…カプセル…?"
Monica: "…まさか、 あんたもこれを狙ってるの!?"
Yoko: "やめて! 何のことかわからないわ!"
Monica: "ふん...そんな言葉には騙されないわよ..."



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