"Decisions, Decisions" SCENE 02 is a cutscene in Resident Evil Outbreak. It is unlocked after completing the "Decisions, Decisions" scenario, and purchased with 500 points.[1]


A U.B.C.S. team attempt to take down the newly released "Thanatos". After Nikolai Zinoviev managed to take some of its blood, it finally attacks the team, killing them and taking and impaled member to Greg Mueller, its creator. Nikolai is unharmed as Thanatos did not notice him hiding on a balcony.


U.B.C.S. 1: "Target is closing in."

U.B.C.S. 2: "Alright... Come on!"

U.B.C.S. 3: "The things to huge, these nine millimeters are useless."

U.B.C.S. 4: "Almost got him, hold on."

Nicholai: "Calm down, you must give me your blood."

U.B.C.S. 1: "Hey something's wrong."

U.B.C.S. 2: "Sir lets regain around distance then."

U.B.C.S. 3: "What the?!"

U.B.C.S. 4: "Help!"

U.B.C.S. 2: "You!"

Nicholai: "Damn! Impressive, I wont underestimated it next time. It must be going to "the man", might as well set it up, just in case."

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