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"Decisions, Decisions" SCENE 03 is a cutscene in Resident Evil Outbreak. It plays towards the end of the "Decisions, Decisions" scenario.


The university building is destroyed by C4, crushing Thanatos under debris. This gets the attention of a Raccoon Fire Department helicopter, crewed by Gill and Danny. They spot the J's Bar survivors and point them to a courtyard for rescue.


Gill: "What was that?"
Danny (Megaphone): "Is anyone down there?"
"We're here to get you out."
Gill: "Somewhere close."
Danny (Megaphone): "There's a cortyard in that direction."
"Go there. We don't have much time. Hurry."

Gill: "なんだ今のは…?"
Danny (Megaphone): "誰かいるのか!?"
Gill: Ad-Lib
Danny (Megaphone): "向こうに広広場がある!