"Hellfire" GEORGE: ENDING is a cutscene in Resident Evil Outbreak.


Dr. George Hamilton has escaped the Apple Inn thanks to the help of Raccoon Fire Department firefighter Danny, who explains how serious the outbreak is; that they're not able to counter it and the Army is on its way in as a relief effort. In an extra sequence depending on character actions, he clutches the tags of his two colleagues who died inside.


Danny: "That was close. It's not just the hotel. Now the whole city is burning. You were lucky."
George: "Thanks to you."
Danny: "We've been patrolling the city, trying to help those in need, but its worse then a war zone. The army's been called in. Better get out of the city while you can. I have a very bad feeling."
George (soliloquy): "The mere act of surviving is enough to rejoice about. But witnessing so many tragedies left me emotionally devastated. It astounds me how helpless one man really is. My wealth of wisdom and courage is but a small consolation."

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