"Hellfire" KEVIN: ENDING is a cutscene in Resident Evil Outbreak.


Danny warns Kevin Ryman that there are fires all over Raccoon City and not just the Apple Inn, and that he's lucky they were there to save him. The Raccoon Fire Department is doing what they can to save people, but Danny feels the disaster is worse than a state of war and that the National Guard has been ordered into the city.


Danny: "That was close. Its not just the hotel; now the whole city is burning. You were lucky."

Kevin: " too."

Danny: "We've been patrolling the city, trying to help those in need, but its worse then a war zone. The army's been called in. Better get out of the city while you can. I have a very bad feeling."

Kevin (soliloquy): "At this point I was still optimistic without my chances. Thinking about how lucky I've been. But maybe that was just my brain's way of keeping it together. How pathetic."

Danny: 「危なかったな」

Kevin: 「ああ…ありがとう」

Danny: 「人助けてできないかと街を回ってみてるんだが…」

Kevin (soliloquy): 「俺の悪運の強さもまんざらじゃない…」



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