"Outbreak" MARK: ENDING' is a cutscene in Resident Evil Outbreak. It is unlocked when beating "Outbreak" as Mark Wilkins, and costs 500 points to access.[1]


A police rescue team secures Main Street, allowing Dorian to continue driving Mark Wilkins to Raccoon Police Station.


  • Mark sets off explosives
Mark:"I'm gettin' too old for this"
Indistinct chatter on Police radio
  • in van:
Mark: "This was just a horrible situation from the start"
Mark: "But the Battlefield is always there to deal with"
Mark: "And you must always fight to win"
Mark: "That was all i could think of at the time"
  • cuts to day.
Helicopter flies over and Troops exit their trucks.
TV announcer: "Yesterday, just before dawn, the Pentagon announced that Radioactive waste has been leaked throughout Raccoon City. In accordance with the US safety regulations, the city has been placed under Quarantine, and the army has been sent in to investigate and control the situation"
  • zooms out to show Tanks and Trucks entering the city



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