"Scene 01" is a cutscene in Resident Evil Outbreak.[1]


Hundreds of zombies flood Main Street as the Raccoon City Police Department plans to detonate a massive explosion in an attempt to combat the infected population. Three officers—Eric, Elliott, and Harry—are positioned in front of a makeshift barricade, holding off the horde temporarily. Eric frantically wires the detonator together as the restless zombies begin breaking through. As he finishes, a zombie tackles him and kills him. Immediately after, Elliott succumbs to the zombies. Harry is left as the sole survivor, completely lost on how to respond to the situation.


ELLIOTT: Eric, what's taking so long? Hurry up!

ERIC: I'm trying! I'm almost done.

HARRY: Hurry! Hurry! This way!

ERIC: OK, it's done!

HARRY: What... What should I do?!

エリオット: エリック、 どうした早くしろ

エリック: わかってる、 あと少しだ

ハリー: は、早く、 こっちに

エリック: OK いけるぞ

ハリー: と…とうすりゃいいんだ

ELLIOTT: Eric, speed it up!

ERIC: I know, just a little longer.

HARRY: H-Hurry! They're coming!

ERIC: OK, we're good to go!

HARRY: Wha... What should I do?!


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