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1806 The Hypothalamus-Pituitary Complex

The Pituitary gland's position in the human brain.

β Hetero Nonserotonin is a hormone secreted from the human pituitary gland during the later stages of puberty (16-20).[1] It has been linked to the secretion of noradrenaline in the locus coeruleus when the individual is in a state of extreme stress or panic.


β Hetero Nonserotonin is a hormone required for the healthy development of human bioweapons such as the Tyrant series.[1][2] Whether or not it was used in mass-production of the T-103 series is uncertain, but it was certainly used during production of the prototype Hypnos-T Type. This hormone was extracted in an industrial capacity on Sheena Island for the Tyrant Project in 1998, which required Umbrella's agents around the world abduct older children to serve as subjects.


β Hetero Nonserotonin is produced in the pituitary gland in response to the hypersecretion of noradrenaline, a hormone linked to human fear responses. To provide large quantities of the hormone, Umbrella's Tyrant Plant team performed brain surgery on children and young adults intent on severing the pituitary gland and collecting the hormone.[1] These test subjects were fully conscious and not anaesthetised for the fatal surgery, as their ability to feel fear and pain was necessary, and anaesthesia was considered a contaminant.[1][3] The high degree of purity desired by Umbrella meant that all child test subjects had to be of fit physical state, and one subject with a tumour in the cerebellum was washed-out of the project.[4]


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