0 UmbrellaPoliceReport‏‎ was a file that could be accessed as part of the "Inserted Evil" advertising campaign for Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City.


Section managers based in and around Raccoon City

It has been brought to our attention that RPD will shortly be receiving an unusually high influx of new police officers accross all departments - the cause of this is not currently known, but unfortunately it is something we can't ignore.

Of course the RPD and their activities aren't anything we need to worry about. We have the means to ensure that our experiments continue as planned whether the RPD agree with them or not, but we still need to take steps to make sure that our work does not become public knowledge.

As you know, we have just stepped up our activity in the Arklay area, so this news has come at a particularly critical time. We therefore must all take care, and ensure our authority remains in place over the next few months. We cannot afford for petty officer procedures to jepardize our goals.

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