1967 was a common year starting on Sunday.


Sunday 12 February: Stairway of the Sun is successfully cultivated by Dr. Oswell E. Spencer's eugenics circle, with Dr. Brandon Bailey among the participants. However, it is discovered that the plants only produce Progenitor virions under certain environmental circumstances not yet understood, and as consequent samples of the virus can only be gathered from their natural home in the caves of the Ndipaya Kingdom.[1]


Thursday 23 March: Attempts to derive the Progenitor Virus from Stairway of the Sun in a laboratory environment has still failed after changes of soil, water, temperature and light to match its native environment. Despite the failure, Dr. Spencer proposes to both Dr. Bailey and Dr. James Marcus that they found a company together as a means of obtaining extra funding.[1][2]


Undated: Work finishes on the Spencer Mansion in Arklay County. The family of George Trevor, the architect, is invited by Dr. Spencer to celebrate the completion.[3]

Friday 10 November: Dr. Spencer begins his own work on the Progenitor Virus distinct from the other Umbrella founders. Two mutant strains have been engineered, dubbed "Type-A" and "Type-B". Upon the arrival of Lisa and Jessica Trevor to the mansion, they are taken to a makeshift laboratory beneath the courtyard. Jessica's Type-A infection fails to thrive, while Lisa's Type-B infection is seen to cause regular, beneficial mutations after a delay.[4]

Monday 13 November: Having been busy with work during the weekend, George Trevor finally arrives at the Spencer Mansion. Rather than be taken away as a test-subject, Dr. Spencer treats him as a guest, telling him his family left on the Friday to visit a hospitalised aunt.[5] Underground, Jessica makes plans for a breakout by pretending to lose consciousness, and writes a note to Lisa detailing these plans. With the only apparent effect of her infection being constant itchiness, Jessica is ruled out as a failed test subject, is killed, and her body dumped in an underground stream.[4]

Wednesday 15 November: Dr. Spencer's team, seeing promise with Lisa, tries to keep her calm for further experiments by having a female researcher impersonate Jessica. Realising at dinner the deception, Lisa becomes enraged and, with enhanced physical abilities, overpowers the woman and succeeds in tearing her face off. Lisa justifies it, believing the woman 'stole' her mother's face just the same. Returned to her cell, Lisa writes in her diary her intent to hand the trophy over to Jessica so she can have 'her' face back.[4]

Friday 17 November: Either escaping or being let out, Lisa discovers the coffin housing her mother. Unable to realise she is dead, Lisa concludes her mother is alive and trapped inside.[4]

Saturday 18 November: George Trevor, unsettled by the disappearance of his wife and daughter looks around the mansion, and in the courtyard notices "additions" to his work.[citation needed]

Monday 20 November: George Trevor walks around the mansion further, and notices the shotgun given to Spencer by his wife for his birthday is also missing.[citation needed]

Friday 14 November: George Trevor is confined to a room in the mansion due to “security reasons”. He suspects the real reason is because - other than Spencer - only he knows all of the mansion's secrets.[5]

Sunday 26 November: As George Trevor writes in his diary he recalls that just before losing consciousness he overheard the men in lab coats saying, "Most likely your family is already..." He prays for their safety.[5]

Monday 27 November: George Trevor escapes his prison cell of a room and struggles to remember the traps he designed throughout the mansion.[5]

Wednesday 29 November: George Trevor is still unable to find a way off of the estate, despite having been everywhere on the grounds. In a corridor, he finds a single high-heeled shoe belonging to his wife, Jessica. Regardless of this grim discovery, he refuses to give up hope that his family is still alive.[5]

Thursday 30 November: George Trevor describes in his journal of malnourishment. His descriptions suggest he has become mentally unstable.[5]


Friday 1 December:[note 1] George Trevor writes in his journal. He writes of his discovery of a grave stone with his name on. He finally realises that Spencer intended him to die since he was chosen to build the mansion.[5]

Tuesday 19 December (Conjecture): Lisa Trevor, now totally deranged, attempts to write in her journal, detailing her finding of her father's tomb. She describes her parents' bodies inside their coffins (due to being unable to reach her mother's, she may have looked through a crack), with Jessica being "whiTe and haRd" (Skeletonised) and George as "reD and sLimey".[4] The date is merely given as "19" and seems to take place after George is entombed.


  1. The date given in-game is November 31, which does not exist. The Wiki will assume this was either a mistake on Capcom's part or a sign of Trevor's mental lapse.
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