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1977 was a common year starting on Saturday.

  • Leon S. Kennedy is born around this time.


Friday 2 September: Umbrella's executive training center in the Arklay Mountains inducts a new class of candidates. The facility's assistant director finds them to be of low-calibre with the exception of Dr. Albert Wesker and Dr. William Birkin, two prodigies.[1][2]

Monday 19 September: Dr. James Marcus creates a new Progenitor strain by splicing in leech genes to the virus' genome.[3] This completes his part of the t-Virus Project, which is also being performed independently by Dr. Oswell E. Spencer and the Ashford family.

Sunday 25 September: The Assistant Director notes the competitive nature between Drs. Birkin and Wesker who, despite contrary practices, are equally ruthless and cruel.[1]


Friday 7 October: The Assistant Director at the Research Center is ordered by Director James Marcus to prolong and intensify competition between William Birkin and Albert Wesker.[1]

Sunday 23 October: Dr. Marcus suspends his t-Virus research on the various animal test subjects, and begins preparations for human experimentation, which he sees as a necessity in advancing t-Virus research.[3]


Tuesday 15 November: Dr. Marcus begins to suspect spies are after his research, and considers performing human t-Virus research on suspected spies.[3]