September 2nd

William Birkin and Albert Wesker begin their days under Umbrella.

The Assistant Director of the training facility notes on the new recruits: A useless bunch of trainees, as always. Where does headquarters find these idiots? We did get a couple of decent ones, though, so can't complain I guess, William and Albert, they might have a future.

September 19th

James Marcus discovers a new breakthrough with the Progenitor virus. At last... I've discovered a way to build a new virus type with "Progenitor" as a base. Mixing it with leech DNA was a breakthrough I needed.. I call this new virus "T", for "Tyrant".

September 25th

The Assistant Director at the Training Facility notes: Scholar Will, Practical Al, They really are opposites. And they are always competitive in everything they do. There is something useless and cruel about them both...


October 7th

The Assistant Director at the Training Facility muses over his new orders: Got a sudden call from the director, it was to tell me to encourage a rival between those two! It's the first time since this training facility was built that Director Marcus has ever shown interest in anything other than his research. Well, whatever, orders are orders. I'm going to have them tearing at each other's throats.

October 23rd

Marcus becomes frustrated trying to develop the T-Virus. It's no good! I can't hope for real progress experimenting on mere rodents. Only humans can be a proper mammalian subject for the experiments. Otherwise, I will never get any real progress...


November 15th

Someone seems to suspect something about my experiments...But, perhaps it's just my imagination. Well, if anyone does get too close, they may find themselves unexpectedly "assisting" in my research! Template:Timeline nav

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