1978 was a common year starting on a Saturday.

Undated eventsEdit


Friday, 13 January: Dr. James Marcus officially announces a breakthrough in his side of the t-Virus Project, and sends a telegram to Dr. Brandon Bailey's facility in West Africa.[3]

Tuesday 31 January: A trap goes off at the executive training school, intended by Dr. Marcus to prevent spies from discovering his t-Virus research. He suspects the spy was sent by Dr. Oswell E. Spencer.[4]


Friday 3 February: Dr. Marcus begins research on annelids, and infects four leeches with his new t-Virus strain. He notes his belief that their single-minded biology is perfect for bio-weapons research.[5]

Friday 10 February: Dr. Marcus notes that the leeches have doubled in size and there are now eight, but due to a lack of suitable nourishment they turn to cannibalism and two are killed.[5]

Saturday 11 February: Dr. Marcus finds signs of an unauthorised entry into his lab. He considers having Drs. Albert Wesker and William Birkin assist him in finding the spies.[4]


Tuesday 7 March: In an attempt by Dr. Marcus to feed living animals to his leech test subjects, half of the leeches are killed. On a positive side, he notes their cannibalism has ceased and they are developing a collective thinking.[5]


Saturday 22 April: Dr. Marcus notes his leech test subjects have fully developed a collective mentality and now move, behave and attack as if a single being.[5]

Sunday 30 April: A staff member at the laboratory discovers Dr. Marcus' research, and he begins to consider the use of humans as a food source.[5]


Saturday 3 June: Dr. Marcus' leech test subjects begin forming a Mimicry Marcus.[5]


Saturday 29 July: Umbrella HQ has the executive training school shut down, but Dr. Marcus continues to perform his research in its laboratory.[6] Executive candidates Dr. Albert Wesker and Dr. William Birkin are assigned to the Arklay Laboratory as chief researchers.[6]

Monday 31 July: Drs. Birkin and Wesker arrive at the Arklay Laboratory by helicopter. Dr. Birkin learns of Dr. Oswell E. Spencer's own side of the t-Virus Project, which kills the infected rapidly, making it an unsuitable bio-weapon. Aware the laboratory is performing bio-weapons research on the Ebola Virus, he begins to develop a new t-Virus strain with Ebola genes spliced in, and soon creates a contagious virus that mutates the host to survive in a murderously aggressive and mentally-deficient state, making it a more dangerous military weapon.[6] During their tour of the laboratory, the two researchers also meet the twenty-five year old Lisa Trevor, an Umbrella test subject kept in the lab for over a decade.[6]


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