January 13Edit

Marcus sends a telegram to the Umbrella facility in West Africa, announcing the success of his viral project.[3]


February 3 Edit

Marcus notes infecting four leeches with the experimental virus. He notes that their single-minded biology is perfect for bio-weapons research.[4]

February 10Edit

Marcus notes on this day that the initial four leeches have doubled their size and numbers. However, a lack of suitable nourishment loses two of the leeches to cannibalism.[4]


March 7Edit

Marcus notes that half of the leeches have been killed after their live-feed fought back. He also notes that their cannibalism is ceasing and that their individuality is being replaced with a more collective thinking.[4]


April 22Edit

Marcus notes that the leeches have evolved into the use of a collective-consciousness.[4]

April 30Edit

Marcus notes about an employee stumbling onto his experiments. As to not reveal his experiments, Marcus ponders on the notion of a human being being an adequate food source for his leeches.[4]


June 3Edit

Marcus discovers that his leeches have begun forming together in an attempt to mimic him.[4]


July 29Edit

July 31Edit

  • Wesker and Birkin arrive at the Arklay Laboratory by helicopter.[5]
  • Birkin searches through research documents of the Ebola virus which had been discovered in Africa.[5]
  • Wesker notes how 90% of people infected with the Ebola virus will die, and that it possesses remarkable destructive capabilities if it were to be used as a weapon.[5]
  • Wesker also notes that Birkin has no interest in curing the Ebola virus or using it to create Bio Organic Weapons. His only interest is research.[5] Spencer on the other hand, is already planning on mass-producing B.O.W.s.[5]
  • Birkin toys with the idea of developing an enhanced virus by combining the Progenitor virus with the Ebola virus.[5]
  • Wesker and Birkin witness a now twenty-five year old Lisa Trevor for the first time.[5][6]

Undated (July) Edit

  • Spencer's t-Virus only kills people so far, and infecting enemy combatants is the only use for it. Birkin manages to re-engineer the virus over the next few years so it can create Zombies.


September 19Edit

Marcus writes about the fact that by merging the Progenitor virus with leech DNA, he can create a superior variant.[7]


October 23Edit

Marcus becomes frustrated with his virology research, realising that he can only truly test the power of the virus on human test subjects.[7]

Undated (October) Edit

  • Marcus reinvents his t-Virus when it mutates in contact with his leeches, which in RE0 seems to mean people transform almost immediately. He starts using students as guinea pigs.


November 15Edit

Marcus suspects that someone may know of his research, but is willing to blame it on his imagination. He is quick to note, however, that if someone were to be caught spying on him, they would soon find themselves "assisting" him in his research.[7]


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