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1988 was a leap-year starting on Friday.



RE0 not Marcus flashback scene 4

Marcus is shot by a USS team.

  • After some time spying on Dr. James Marcus, Dr. Oswell E. Spencer gives the orders to have him assassinated. Drs. Birkin and Wesker join the U.S.S. team to immediately seize his research. Dr. Marcus' body is dumped in a nearby water treatment plant with his Queen Leech test subject, which begins to consume him.[1]
  • In the hopes of continuing the Phase 3 development without the Tyrants, Dr. Birkin arranges for the acquisition of an NE-α Type from Umbrella Europe. It is implanted within the body of test subject Lisa Trevor and is killed by her body's defences, with its DNA being spliced into Trevor's genome, giving her tentacles. Further research by Dr. Birkin concludes that Trevor's unusual abilities over the years are due to a mutant virus in her body, which he dubs Golgotha.[2][3]
  • The Raccoon Police Department hires a doberman, "Jack", as part of its K-9 unit.[4]


Friday, 1 July: Dr. Albert Wesker and Dr. William Birkin's t-Virus research at the Arklay Laboratory officially moves into its third stage of development in creating reliable bio-weapons, and the Tyrant Project begins with the attempt to create the ultimate bio-weapon. Due to the test subjects requiring certain rare genetic traits related to intelligence (one in ten million), the project stalls for the next decade while the new "Epsilon strain" is developed to increase the number of viable candidates.[5]


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