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14 March

At the hospital in the mountains, Dr. Alan Erdot infects Doug Frost with T-JCCC203 as part of a medical study overseen by the Umbrella Corporation.[4]

15 March

In the morning, Erdot notes that the cancerous tissue in Frost's body are being affected by the treatment. By 17:00 the tissue is completely destroyed.[4]

16 March

Frost's conditions stabilises following his cancer treatment, though by the afternoon develops a compulsive need to eat.[4]

17 March

Frost's condition deteriorates rapidly.[4]

18 March

Frost is pronounced dead.[4]


20 May

Dr. Erdot infects Dorothy Lester with T-JCCC203 as part of a study into its effects on her heart condition.[4]

21 May

Lester's blood pressure and pulse drop to normal and healthy levels by the morning, with normal EEG readings confirmed soon after. By the afternoon, her breathing aid is safely removed and she begins to wake up.[4]

22 May

Lester's condition remains stable, though Erdot notes she is developing an appetite.[4]

23 May

Lester develops an obsessive need to eat throughout the day. For several hours in the afternoon, Erdot notes periodic blips in her EEG readings.[4]

24 May

Lester develops an intense appetite [4]

25 May

Lester develops a more intense appetite[4]

Late May

Dorothy Lester turns into a Zombie and devours Kurt[5]


8 December

Work finishes on the Military Training Center on Rockfort Island.[6]



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