Month Day Location Event
Unknown Yoko Suzuki is used for t-Virus research by Umbrella, by the use of unknown means. After escaping, she removes it from her memory.[citation needed]
March Unknown A man is killed and dumped by the Aimes River.[1]
April The Raccoon Police Department establishes the Special Tactics and Rescue Service (S.T.A.R.S.), an elite unit meant to confront situations beyond regular law enforcement, such as riots, terrorism, bank robbery, or hostage-taking.
30th The Raccoon City newspaper, "Daily Raccoon" publishes a story regarding the local prison.[2]
26th Experimentation begins on the criminal "α". A metal rod is inserted into his brain.[3]
29th Experiment α's eyes are removed.[3]
8th Muscle booster is used on Experiment α.[3]
30th Experiment α evolves a highly adapted sense of hearing.[3]
31st Raccoon City newspaper, the "Comet News" publishes a story referring to a dead body.[1]
4th Experiment α escapes.[3]
Unknown Joe Kendo is contracted to design a special handgun specifically for the S.T.A.R.S. unit.[citation needed]


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