Rani Chawla is born.[1]


An Umbrella employee is assigned to the mid-Atlantic Disposal Facility.[2]


June 16th

An operator of Umbrella's mid-Atlantic Waste Disposal Facility writes in his notebook.[2]

June 24th

The operator writes in his notebook a final time. In it, he describes the manager - Morpheus D. Duvall - as annoying and constantly checking in on Health and Safety along with the creation of Bio Organic Weapons.[2]


2nd Lieutenant Billy Coen and a number of other Marines are sent to Africa to halt an apparent guerrilla war. After some time of living in the harsh climate as well as being ambushed by enemy guerillas, only four marines are left alive. After they realize that they were sent under misinformation, the leader orders his men to attack an innocent village. Billy refuses the order and is knocked down for disrespecting his commander's authority, despite Billy's pleading that he not do it.[3] Twenty-three villagers are killed.[notes 1][4]

After returning home, Coen is sentenced to death.[4] However, members of the public begin to suspect that the unnamed prisoner couldn't have possibly committed such acts both rationally and on his own.[5]


  1. Billy Coen's transportation report refers to this
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