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In 1998, the events of the Ecliptic Express Incident (as depicted in Resident Evil 0 and The Umbrella Chronicles), Mansion Incident (as depicted in Resident Evil and The Umbrella Chronicles), Raccoon City Destruction Incident (as depicted in Resident Evil 3: Nemesis, Resident Evil 2, Resident Evil Outbreak, Resident Evil Outbreak File #2, The Umbrella Chronicles and The Darkside Chronicles), Rockfort Island Incident (as depicted in Resident Evil CODE:Veronica and The Darkside Chronicles) and Sheena Island incident (Resident Evil Survivor) take place.


  • Joseph Kendo presents the original prototype of the S.T.A.R.S. handgun to Brian Irons and the S.T.A.R.S. team. The design is met with approval, though a few further modifications are requested.[1]
  • Phase 2 of testing begins for Kendo's S.T.A.R.S. handgun design. The design is tested by four members of Alpha team: Chris Redfield; Jill Valentine; Barry Burton and Albert Wesker.[2]
  • At some point before 15 March, Dr. Al Lester visits the abandoned hospital in the Arklay Mountains, and begins feeding it to make it grow. It rapidly grows and takes over the building. He names this plant "Dorothy". Dr. Lester is mutated by contact with t-JCCC203, and begins murdering animals and people to feed the plant.
  • The Queen Leech, having gained the memories of Dr. James Marcus in the ten years after consuming his body, now believes itself to be Dr. Marcus, and plans to attack Umbrella facilities in vengeance.
  • The Raccoon City Zoo comes across news of delinquents and hoodlums destroying toys and memorabilia of Raccoon City mascot Mr. Raccoon for "target practice", leading them to publish a public advertorial campaign against the trend.


Sunday 15 March: A botanist explores Raccoon Forest and finds the ruins of the Arklay hospital, believing it to be a dilapidated house of some kind. Inside, he finds Dorothy, which he believes to be an unrecorded species of tropical, insectivorous flowering plant.[3]

Wednesday 18 March: The botanist returns to the hospital with his friend Rick to collect samples, and the two set up camp within the building. They tell no one of their trip, cautious about competition.[3]

Thursday 19 March: "Dorothy", the mutant plant, locks the botanist and Rick inside the hospital by tightening its vines around the storage room door.[3]

Friday 20 March: Hope dwindles for the botanist when he breaks his mobile phone, cutting him off from any rescue. Rick starts to suspect they are being watched, but the botanist passes this off as hallucinations. They are able to create a herbicide with chemicals in the Pharmacy, but though they have success in harming Dorothy they are killed by Dr. Lester.[3]


Thursday 2 April: The Daily Raccoon publishes a report on Raccoon City's rivers and sewers being found to be dangerously polluted, far exceeding environmental regulations.[4]

Monday 6 April: The secretary to Police Chief Brian Irons writes in his journal about verbal abuse from Irons, after he accidentally moved a stone statue.[5]

Tuesday 7 April: Chief Irons' secretary begins to question how he can afford the art collection which has been accumulated over the years and placed around Raccoon Police Station.[5]

Saturday 25 April: Umbrella is close to completing the Incineration Disposal Plant P-12A, a facility designed to process biological waste from viral weapon tests. Its managing director is assigned to oversee the facility on this day, and celebrates his 30th birthday.[6]


Saturday 9 May: A poker game is hosted at the Arklay Laboratory's recreation room. The lab's animal keeper plays with security guards Scott and Alias, and a lab worker named Steve. Steve wins, but the animal keeper suspects he is a cheater.[7]

Sunday 10 May: Brian Irons purchases a portrait of a nude woman being executed, which is hung in the Raccoon Police Station's operations room. His secretary writes his disgust of the artwork and Chief Irons' taste.[5] At the Arklay Laboratory, the animal keeper is assigned to feed a pig to an unknown B.O.W. test-subject he describes as looking like a skinned gorilla.[7]

Monday 11 May: The Arklay Laboratory reaches the final phase in the Tyrant Project, and infects the test subjects with the ε strain t-Virus before performing surgery. At least two candidates survive the process: T-002 and T-011. During this process, the Queen Leech causes the ε strain to leak out into the facility, though the manner is unexplained.[Excerpt 1] By 0500 the staff are made aware of the accident and don HazMat suits to protect from exposure; Scott wakes people up and hands them these suits.[7]

Tuesday 12 May: The animal keeper begins exhibiting signs of t-Virus infection, which he assumes is due to the uncomfortable conditions of the HazMat suit. Frustrated, he decides not to bother feeding the Cerberus B.O.W. subjects.[7]

Wednesday 13 May: The animal keeper is told by the Arklay Laboratory's on-site GP he doesn't need to wear the HazMat suit anymore. His back is showing signs of necrosis, but this is passed-off as a result of being in the suit and bandaged.[7] Meanwhile, an Umbrella prisoner begins writing a journal about his time at the concentration camp on Rockfort Island, which he understands to be somewhere in the southern hemisphere.[8]

Thursday 14 May: At the Arklay Laboratory, the animal keeper's leg begins rotting, causing difficulty in moving. He discovers some of the Cerberus test subjects have escaped following his insufficient feeding.[7] Meanwhile, work is completed at Incineration Disposal Plant P-12A, though the managing director is critical of the overall reliability of a corrosive gas used to process biomatter.[6]

Friday 15 May: The animal keeper discovers that telephone privileges have been rescinded, and he is unable to contact his partner, Nancy. Later that day, a lab worker tries to escape the facility via the helipad elevator, and is shot dead by the security guards to prevent the spread of Epsilon.[7]

Saturday 16 May: The animal keeper realizes his sores are actually necrotic flesh.[7] At the concentration camp on Rockfort Island, the Prisoner learns that his bunk mate, Robert Dawson, used to be a secretary for Alfred Ashford, 7th Earl Ashford, who is the camp commandant.[8]

Sunday 17 May: An unexplained accident at the Arklay Laboratory's dormitory building causes a Monster Plant to bloom. Its vines dig deep underground, where it begins to feed from the Aqua Ring, flooded when a lab worker ruptured the tank.[9]

Tuesday 19 May: The keeper's mental state deteriorates as a result of Epsilon infection, and writes in his journal about eating dog food to quell his hunger.[7]

Wednesday 20 May: The manager at the P-12A plant is inadvertently locked into the treatment room, which he finds cannot be opened from the inside even with his security pass.[6] Nearby, the body of a 20-year-old woman washes up on the banks of the Marble River in Cedar, having been killed by the escaped Cerberuses in an attack so severe that two arms and her left leg were removed.[10][Excerpt 2] At the Rockfort Island concentration camp, Dawson is taken out of his bunk by the guards to the medical cabin. He becomes concerned when he hears claims from other prisoners that body bags are frequently taken out of the building after prisoners are taken away by the guards.[8]

Thursday 21 May: The animal keeper meets Scott, who has also psychically deteriorated from Epsilon infection. He kills him and eats part of his body.[7] Meanwhile, Dr. Henry Sarton writes a report on Plant 42, a Monster Plant that has grown since an accident four days prior and has already consumed the blood from several victims who tried to destroy it.[9] At the Rockfort Island concentration camp, the Prisoner sneaks out to the medical cabin and finds the camp doctor torturing him with vivisection without anesthesia.[8]

Wednesday 27 May: The Raccoon Times reports a police press release regarding the coroner's report of the woman killed on the 20th. She is deemed to have been a mountaineer killed by a grizzly bear or similar large animal due to the power and ferocity behind the wounds, and her body washed downriver to Cedar.[10] A the Rockfort Island concentration camp, the Prisoner is now the only one left in his cabin following the murders of the other bunk mates.[8]


Monday 1 June: A Raccoon City newspaper publishes an article written by Alyssa Ashcroft, which accuses Raccoon Zoo's Deputy Director, Elliot Martin, of illegally obtaining rare Orchids.[11]

Wednesday 3 June: Dr. Martin Cluckholm writes a letter to his wife Alma. Many of his co-workers at the Arklay Laboratory have turned into Zombies and, knowing he is infected, he intends to kill himself to prevent it.[12]

Sunday 7 June: The P-12A Plant director notes the facility's equipment is in poor condition due to massive levels of biowaste coming from Dr. William Birkin's NEST facility.[6]

Monday 8 June: Dr. John Clemens, the Arklay Laboratory's Chief of Research, writes a letter to his girlfriend, Ada Wong, instructing her to destroy the facility if she ever returns.[13] Meanwhile, Brian Irons' secretary begins to fear for his safety.[14]

Wednesday 10 June: The Raccoon Today publishes a story referring to an art ring, which as supposedly sold items banned from auction and so the police plead that the buyers list down their newly bought items. Unbeknownst to them, Brian Irons has bought many of the items for his private room.[15]

Monday 15 June: Chief Irons' secretary writes one last time in his diary, writing on his discovery of Irons' secret.[14]

Tuesday 16 June: Raccoon Weekly publishes a story related to the increasing deaths in the Arklay Mountains. Once theorized to be grizzlies, eyewitness reports instead suggest vicious wild pack dogs are responsible.[10]

Monday 22 June: An Arklay Laboratory employee trapped in the dormitory building writes a suicide note to a woman named Linda, having drowned his friend Robert for showing signs of Epsilon infection. He then hangs himself in an attempt to prevent Zombification.[16]

Sunday 28 June: Don, an employee at Umbrella's sewer facility near Raccoon Police Station, comes in to work displaying symptoms of t-Virus infection.[17]


Tuesday 7 July: Chief Brian Irons comes to his weekly meeting with Dr. William Birkin. He becomes highly stressed at the doctor's seemingly impossible requests.[17]

Thursday 9 July: The Raccoon City Police Department has a number of roads to the Arklay Mountains closed due to the number of murders; animal attacks and missing persons cases in the area. During this, the police make public their intentions to have S.T.A.R.S. investigate the area, which continues to be reported as a hotbed of activity for "mysterious creature" reports.[10]

Tuesday 14 July: Dr. William Birkin and Dr. Albert Wesker, charged with the re-opening of the Umbrella Executive Training School, send a team to investigate the facility. They are split into two groups, with the first having orders to search for any surviving experiments and check for bio-waste.[18]

Thursday 16 July: One of the investigation team members writes his regrets of being assigned, as work on the Stinger has been temporarily halted.[18]

Sunday 19 July: The investigation team member hears about the recent incidents in the outskirts of Raccoon City, and is disturbed as the possibility a t-Virus strain was responsible, the incident at the Arklay Lab being kept a secret.[18]

Tuesday 21 July: The manager of Umbrella's sewer facility complains about working the night shift, as it prohibits him from drinking.[17]

Wednesday 22 July: Aware that S.T.A.R.S. will be sent to investigate the area, Umbrella HQ sends a fax to Dr. Albert Wesker, giving him orders to lure the force to the mansion and allow them to be killed by rogue bio-weapons and Zombies as a means of gathering combat data.[19] The same day, Marine Second Lieutenant Billy Coen's court-martial ends with him being found guilty of the murders of twenty-three civilians by his unit in an African village. For this crime, he is sentenced to death.[20]

Thursday 23 July: Umbrella's private train, the Ecliptic Express, is attacked shortly after 8 PM by leeches while transporting the second investigation team to the executive training school. The passengers and crew are infected, and the train comes to a halt.[20] Nearby, 2LT Coen escapes from captivity when the MPs are killed by leeches, and takes shelter in the train.[20] Meanwhile, the first investigation team is set upon by leeches at the training school and, attacked by Cerberuses at the front door, are forced to travel to an abandoned factory via a cable car.[21][22] Drs. Birkin and Wesker order the USS Delta Team to commandeer the train.

Two hours after the initial attack on the Ecliptic Express, S.T.A.R.S. Bravo Team crash lands in Raccoon Forest.[20] While searching the area, Rebecca Chambers and later Edward Dewey get on board the Ecliptic Express while Delta Team restarts it. RPD helicopter pilot Kevin Dooley is killed in his cockpit,[23] and the other Bravo Team members escape into the Spencer Mansion. During the journey, Dewey turns into a Zombie, and Delta Team is infected by leeches, forcing Chambers and Coen to work together to prevent a train crash. They arrive at the executive training school, itself infested with Zombies and escaped B.O.W.s.

Friday 24 July: In the early hours, Chambers and Coen search through the training school and make their way to Dr. James Marcus' derelict underground laboratory. Coen is attacked by an Eliminator and falls into an underwater river, sending him to the water treatment plant. In the meantime, the survivors of the second investigation team are attacked by more leeches when Queen Leech attacks the water treatment plant.[22] Chambers arrives at the factory to find Enrico Marini is also investigating the area, but she continues on her own and, after fighting the Proto-Tyrant, journeys to the water treatment plant where she rescues Coen. During this, Dr. Wesker heads out through the factory, intent on searching the executive training school while Dr. Birkin makes preparations to destroy the entire complex; he fights the Proto-Tyrant as well during his search.[24] The Tyrant heads to the water treatment plant, where it is finally killed by Chambers and Coen, who soon run into the Queen Leech itself and fight it. During their fight, Dr. Birkin activates the self-destruct system as Dr. Wesker fights one of Col. Sergei Vladimir's custom-made "Ivan" T-103 bodyguards in the training school, but the only death is Queen Leech itself, which is killed in the explosion. Chambers and Coen part ways, and she heads over to the Spencer Mansion to search for Bravo Team.[25]

In the evening, Chambers is discovered sleeping in the dormitory by Richard Aiken. They start searching through the complex for Captain Marini, but fail.[26] During their search, they spot Col. Vladimir and his Ivans carrying the T-011 test subject out of the mansion.[26] While exploring the second level of the mansion, Aiken is bitten by the Yawn and poisoned.[26] Meanwhile, the S.T.A.R.S. Alpha Team investigates the Bravo Team crash site for any clues as to their whereabouts. When they are attacked by Cerberuses, losing Joseph Frost, they locate the house and go inside for safety.[23] During the investigation of the mansion, they find Kenneth J. Sullivan dying from a Zombie bite wound,[27] and Forest Speyer having mutated into a Zombie on a balcony. Chris Redfield finds Chambers in the west storeroom,[28] while Jill Valentine and Barry Burton stick together. Unbeknownst to the others, Cpt. Wesker has forced Burton to destroy incriminating material on his behalf on the threat of his family's lives. Aiken's fate is uncertain.

Saturday 25 July: During the early hours, Cpt. Marini is shot by Cpt. Wesker, having discovered during his investigation that Umbrella planted a mole within S.T.A.R.S., but failed to identify them.[29] Entering the lab, Cpt. Wesker infects himself with a prototype t-Virus strain, hoping to fake his death and hand over the lab's bio-weapons data to the Organisation rather than to Umbrella as was originally the plan. When the other four arrive in the lab, he releases the T-002 Tyrant and is impaled on its claws.[30][30] T-002 chases the S.T.A.RS. members to the helipad, where it is killed by a rocket launcher, and they escape on the Alpha Team helicopter back to Raccoon City. Meanwhile, Cpt. Wesker discovers the bio-weapons computer data has already been copied and wiped by Col. Vladimir. With no time to gather live samples as the facility begins to self-destruct, Cpt. Wesker uses his new abilities to race through to the mansion, where he fights Lisa Trevor. After Trevor is subdued, Cpt. Wesker escapes the explosion thanks to his enhanced speed.[31]

Wednesday 29 July: The P-12A Plant director discovers that the antiretroviral drugs used by the staff to protect themselves from t-viral infection are now useless against a new mutation in the virus. The staff are now infected, and the director keeps a handgun with him at all times, ready to commit suicide.[6]


Saturday 1 August: The Daily Scoop reports on Joel Clemens' bid for the upcoming Mayoral election, claiming to have a solution to unemployment problems left-over from the early 1990s recession.[32]

Wednesday 5 August: Sergeant Nikolai Zinoviev, a Monitor planted within the Umbrella Biohazard Countermeasure Service, reports to Umbrella HQ on the recent developments following X-Day. Though it appears the destruction of the Arklay Laboratory and subsequent wildfires wiped out all trace of the t-Virus, he urges caution. Sgt. Zinoviev also reports on his spying on the S.T.A.R.S. survivors, and understands they are planning to go public on the Mansion Incident.[33] Meanwhile, on Sheena Island, a worker at the newly-operational Tyrant mass-production facility writes in his journal his disgust at the violent manner he is required to extract B Hetero Nonserotonin, a hormone needed for the T-103 culture, and how the island's governor, Commander Vincent Goldman, has no sympathy for the teenagers abducted and killed for the process.[34]

Friday 7 August: Valentine writes in her diary of her emotional condition. She is still having nightmares involving zombies.[35]

Saturday 8 August: Redfield talks with Chief Irons about the Mansion Incident. As all evidence of Umbrella's wrongdoings was destroyed along with the Arklay Laboratory and mansion façade after his escape in July, they cannot be charged with any crime. Redfield realizes that because of Umbrella's influence in the city, few are willing to mention the incident.[36]

Tuesday 11 August: George Scott, a police officer and regular nightwatchman at the Raccoon Police Station, is berated by Chief Irons for being in the station's clock tower. He wonders why access is prohibited.[37]

Thursday 13 August: Valentine muses over Redfield's unusual attitude and behavior when he starts causing trouble at work. He assaults another officer for the trivial mishap of accidentally spilling coffee on him. Redfield is subsequently suspended.[35]

Saturday 15 August: Redfield invites Valentine to his apartment late at night. He shows her pieces of information that mention the "G-Virus". Redfield vows to take Umbrella down himself if nobody is willing to help. Valentine begins to worry, upset that Redfield has been fighting alone, and refused to tell even her about his plans.[35]

Sunday 16 August: Chief Irons comes to the sewer facility for his meeting with Dr. William Birkin. He puts a gun to the sewer manager's head in heavy stress.[17]

Monday 17 August: Sightings of "monsters" around Raccoon City are reported to the police. Redfield knows that Umbrella is responsible. They are likely associated with the Mansion Incident.[36]

Thursday 20 August: After an investigation by Umbrella's HR division, executive Morpheus D. Duvall is deemed responsible for the accident at the Arklay Laboratory. He is thereby suspended from the company, and intelligence agents place him under surveillance to prevent security leaks.[38]

Friday 21 August: Dr. William Birkin informs the sewer manager of the Raccoon Police Department's investigation into Umbrella.[17]

Sunday 23 August: Following a safe being moved in the Raccoon Police Station, a note is issued around the precinct.[39]

Monday 24 August: In his final journal entry, Redfield writes that he and Burton have discovered the "G-Virus" while investigating Umbrella. Satisfied that they have evidence to convict them, they make plans to head to the Umbrella headquarters. Asking his sister Claire for forgiveness, he leaves the diary in his S.T.A.R.S. desk for Claire to find if she comes looking for him.[36] Valentine learns of the plan to go to Umbrella's headquarters with Burton, and arranges to meet them in September.[35]

Sunday 30 August: Dr. Peter Jenkins, a virologist at the Raccoon University, explains a radical breakthrough regarding the a new vaccine to the t-Virus – Daylight.[40]


Tuesday 1 September: An unnamed U.B.C.S. mercenary finishes six months of intensive training after being saved from execution by Umbrella, who were able to bribe his government into handing him over for their anti-bioweapons force.[41]

Wednesday 2 September: A researcher from the Umbrella R&D Center discusses problems with creatures inside.[42]

Saturday 5 September: On Sheena Island, a teenage boy abducted by Umbrella employees for the Tyrant Plant begins writing down his experiences. He knows very well that this is an Umbrella base and that they are being used as guinea pigs for an experiment.[43] In Raccoon City, meanwhile, Scott meets Thomas, a worker at the sewer treatment plant near to the police station. Scott notes Thomas' strange habit of constantly scratching himself and wonders if he has a medical condition, unaware Thomas is suffering from t-Virus infection.[37]

Sunday 6 September: On Sheena Island, Andy, a caretaker, writes in his diary about the island facility's commander, Vincent Goldman.[44] Meanwhile, in Raccoon City, Raccoon Daily publishes an article on Dr. Lester, who has become notorious as a mysterious masked figure, in an area where numerous crows and wild dog carcasses have been found. The newspaper considers it a mere ghost story, unaware Dr. Lester is responsible for the animal slayings to feed Dorothy.[45]

Tuesday 8 September: The researcher at the Umbrella R&D Center notes of new frames added to the cultivation tanks.[42]

Wednesday 9 September: Officer Scott plays a game of chess with Thomas. He notes Thomas' strange habit - the constant smelling of meat.[37]

Thuesday 10 September: On Sheena Island, the prisoners are allowed to visit the local arcade. There, they are seen by Lott Klein, a local boy.[46] One of the imprisoned boys notices that drugs are being put into their meals to make them lose consciousness. He also notices that the other prisoners have been acting strangely from the drugs.[43] Meanwhile, in Raccoon City, Ethan, director of the Raccoon General Hospital, describes how wards are beginning to fill with people infected by the t-Virus from the ongoing effects of the Mansion Incident.[47]

Friday 11 September: The Raccoon City newspaper "Raccoon Today" publishes a story on sightings of Scissor Tails in the Arklay Mountains, which it treats as cryptids.[48]

Saturday 12 September: Ricky, an employee of the Raccoon subway, writes in his diary describing his Nyctophobia, which plagues him in the dilapidating subway.[49] Officer Scott sees the near-succumbed Thomas, and tells him to get some rest. Not knowing it, he is also now infected with the t-Virus.[37]

Tuesday 15 September: The unnamed U.B.C.S. mercenary writes in his diary.[41] Meanwhile, Dr. Jenkins continues his research into Daylight.[40]

Wednesday 16 September: The researcher at the Umbrella R&D Center makes a final entry referring to the baby hunters.[42]

Thursday 17 September: A janitor of the Apple Inn in Raccoon City writes in a diary about having to test the fire alarm weekly upon the new owner's orders, rather than twice yearly like the previous. A scrap of a diary, dated today lies in Raccoon University which describes the lacking of V-poison for the Daylight reagent.[50]

Friday 18 September: Conditions with Raccoon General Hospital continue to deteriorate as more people check in, displaying t-Virus symptoms.[47] Meanwhile, Ricky talks of his encounter with a Mega Bite in the Raccoon subway.[49]

Saturday 19 September: Dr. Jenkins writes his final diary entry.[40]

Sunday 20 September: Andy, the sewer caretaker of Sheena Island overhears a rumor about what really happens to the teenagers in the prison.[44] The imprisoned boy also overhears a conversation between guards over what happens to the prisoners once they are taken away.[43] In Raccoon City, Officer Neil Carlson receives a call of a mysterious man prowling the sewers and hurries to the location, the results of his investigation he writes in this report.[51] Wes Drucker writes a report on a man arrested for planting explosives in anticipation of walking corpses.[52]

Monday 21 September: The imprisoned boy describes another one of his friends being taken away. He knows he will be next and so decides that he must escape.[43] In the Apple Inn, the janitor has a conversation with Todd the security guard, who discusses the hotel's latest security locks.[53]

Tuesday 22 September: Upon retrieving a lost key card in the Apple Inn, Raccoon City, the janitor writes in his diary.[53] Late at night, the U.S.S. Alpha Team raid the NEST facility and shoot Dr. William Birkin with MP5s and take away a storage case containing samples of Golgotha. He infects himself with the virus and pursues them.

Wednesday 23 September: Shortly after midnight. Dr. Birkin attacks Alpha Team and, in the fighting, destroys capsules containing t-Virus. Rats are exposed to the virus and flee the area. Later that day, Chief Irons gets the call about the incident.[54] Meanwhile, the janitor of the Apple Inn makes a final diary entry, referring to the increase in noise from the boiler room, which is soon to explode.[53] A guest of the Apple Inn writes in his diary explaining recent bereavement. The hotel room he is staying in has a glowing map of Europe, which flickers on and off from the people in other rooms flipping the maps switches.[55]

Thursday 24 September: By this time, the rats have contaminated Raccoon City's drinking water, which causes tens of thousands to turn into Zombies by the evening. The Raccoon Sharks play against another team at Warren Stadium, and a riot ensues when Zombies began attacking people at the event, with some fifty police officers called to the scene.[56] Meanwhile, eight everdaymen of Raccoon City - Kevin Ryman, David King, Alyssa Ashcroft, Yoko Suzuki, Cindy Lennox, George Hamilton, Mark Wilkins, and Jim Chapman - are all having a night out at Jack's Bar when it is also attacked by zombies. They flee into the streets. The Apple Inn catches fire due to a poorly-maintained boiler which, soon after, explodes. The inn becomes infested with Lickers. The survivors from Jack‘S Bar who did not go to the inn find themselves on Main Street, forced to set off a bomb after police officers Elliott and Eric are eaten. One group led by Cindy Lennox comes across a note on a sign mentioning an evacuation chopper and must escape through Raccoon Zoo while also being chased by a rogue Zombie Elephant. Upon finding a tram and attempting to make their way out of Raccoon Zoo, the tram violently stops next to an evacuation chopper that had been crashed for some time along with forty deceased refugees. Meanwhile, the US Army sends Chinooks over the city to evacuate people, but they cease rescuing people when one is downed by an infected refugee. Meanwhile, Police Lieutenant Marvin Branagh makes a report regarding a number of thefts. However, due to no available officers being present, the cases naturally go uninvestigated.[57]

Friday 25 September: Following the riots of the previous night, the US Army barricades the roads heading in to Raccoon City and isolates much of Arklay County from any contact from the outside world, other than military action within the city.[56] Patients with a "mystery illness" begin to pour Spencer Memorial Hospital, overwhelming the outpatient area and isolation wing. The corpses are collected by special mortuary teams.[58] News Comet reports on a growing, grisly series of murders - the "third known incident of its kind" to happen in September.[59]

Saturday 26 September: The hospital staff finally either succumb to infection or are wiped out by mutants,[47] but were successful in creating a vaccine for the t-Virus. Meanwhile, a group of refugees enter Raccoon General looking for medical supplies. They are aided by Dr. Hersh, who is killed by a "Leech Man", as a Leech colony grows in the sewers.[60] The survivors escape via the sewers, after reading a note written by an Umbrella employee describing a facility linking to the hospital.[61] Meanwhile, at the Raccoon Police Station, the situation quickly deteriorates as members of their refugee camp begin to transform into Zombies, unaware of the water contamination. One of the refugees, a restaurant owner, transforms ten minutes after arrival and is shot dead.[57] Marvin Branagh makes a final report involving one of the missing jewels being discovered in the autopsy of the Restaurant owner.[57] David Ford of the Raccoon Police Department writes his first operation report, describing the hopelessness of the Police's situation due to the decisions made by Chief Irons earlier.[62] Chief Irons himself begins hunting down people to kill.[54] On the streets of Raccoon City, Raccoon SWAT heads out in an attempt to fight the Zombies head-on and is wiped out; meanwhile, the U.B.C.S. arrive into the city and are similarly wiped out.[63] Surviving U.B.C.S. personnel make attempts to head to their extraction point at St. Michael Clock Tower.[64]

Sunday 27 September: At NEST, Monica shoots dead another Umbrella employee to steal a G-infant, and tries to escape the facility on the underground train.[65] She runs into Yoko Suzuki with a group of survivors and takes her ID card. During her run through NEST, Monica is attacked by a Giant Moth, and is parasitised by the G-infant, which later rejects her and breaks out of her chest. Suzuki's team face the "G," and escape back into the city. At the Raccoon Police Station, twelve people are injured as Zombies overrun the west barricade, and the Lickers are first encountered.[62] Meanwhile, UBSC survivors find the St. Michael Clock Tower to be indefensible.[64] More than 20 patients exhibiting T-Virus symptoms pour into Spencer Memorial Hospital. Still unclear on the nature of the virus, the hospital staff are increasingly overwhelmed, calling in all off-duty staff. Doctors are bitten, spreading the virus further.

Monday 28 September: At the Raccoon Police Station, Zombies overrun the operations room, leading to four more police deaths. The police survivors begin talking about abandoning the station, and Rita Philips mentions a rumoured secret passage beneath the main hall statue. Philips leaves with a group of survivors in officer Harry's van when Lt. Branagh is injured by Zombies. The remaining officers begin researching through the station for a way to get into the tunnel. Soon after, S.T.A.R.S. officers Brad Vickers and Jill Valentine arrive at the police station and are confronted by the Nemesis-T Type, a B.O.W. recently created by Umbrella and sent into the city to hunt down and kill S.T.A.R.S. survivors. Vickers is injured and infected in the attack,[66] and the Nemesis-T begins hunting Valentine. Meanwhile, more U.B.C.S. survivors are killed, with those in the St. Michael Clock Tower being wiped out,[64] and others killing themselves.[41] Valentine runs into U.B.C.S. survivors Cpt. Mikhail Viktor, Sgt. Zinoviev, and Cpl. Carlos Oliveira, who intend to travel to the clock tower in a cable car. Recognizing Valentine as Nemesis-T's target, Sgt. Zinoviev fakes his death in the hopes the B.O.W. will not consider him a secondary target. During the journey, the Nemesis-T attacks and Cpt. Mikhail is killed. Valentine is infected with a t-Virus strain in a fight with the B.O.W. and Cpl. Oliveira looks after her unconscious body at the clock tower.

Tuesday 29 September: Police officer Leon S. Kennedy arrives in Raccoon City after a long cross-state journey to report to work. He runs into Chris Redfield's sister, Claire, at the Mizoil Gas Station on the edge of the city. The two escape from Zombies by commandeering an Arklay County Sheriff's Department cruiser and drive into Raccoon City. They are forced to run to the Raccoon Police Station due to the blockaded roads and zombie hordes and arrive at different times. Umbrella sends in a helicopter carrying six T-103 Tyrants to the city, with one landing near the Raccoon Police Station and another five going to the P-12A plant to tackle Delta Force intruders. While exploring the station, Officer Kennedy partners up with Ada Wong, who claims to be an FBI agent. Kennedy learns from Ben Bertolucci that Chief Irons is corrupt and that Dr. Annette Birkin is involved in the outbreak. Redfield meanwhile finds the Birkins' daughter Sherry hiding in an underground facility, but she is abducted by Chief Irons and taken to the Raccoon City Orphanage. Staff at the Spencer Memorial Hospital give up, with too many zombies entering the hospital and sending the hospital into total chaos. Remaining staff barricade inside the staff room. They overhear a helicopter before being killed.[67]

Wednesday 30 September: Over the course of the night, Redfield searches through the Raccoon City streets for the orphanage, but when she gets there Chief Irons and Sherry have been parasitised by William Birkin's G-larvae; Irons is killed soon after, while Sherry exhibits signs of infection. When they get to the sewers, Sherry passes out. Meanwhile, Kennedy and Wong encounter Robert Kendo, owner of a local gun shop. He is unwilling to help them do anything other than pass through. Soon after, Kendo kills his infected daughter, Emma, having already killed his infected wife. Kennedy is shot by Annette Birkin when he and Wong confront her, and Wong later suffers an injury which forces Kennedy to search for her. Both groups of survivors and Annette travel at their own times to NEST. Redfield obtains the DEVIL vaccine using Sherry's pendant, while Kennedy later triggers the facility's self-destruct when he recovers a Golgotha sample as FBI evidence. During one of these events, William confronts the person returning from the lab and seriously injures Annette prior to a fight with Kennedy; Annette soon after dies from internal hemorrhaging. Redfield and Sherry escape onto a train following another encounter with William, while Kennedy and Wong turn on one another when her identity as a spy is revealed. Wong is assumed dead in a fall, and Kennedy continues on without her. Fighting T-00 on an elevator, he is saved thanks to Wong throwing an anti-tank launcher, allowing him to kill the Tyrant. Redfield and Kennedy confront William one last time as he boards the escape train, and upon his destruction, the two and Sherry head out through the plains of Arklay County. Soon after, Redfield leaves to search for her brother, while Kennedy and Sherry are taken into government custody. Wong escapes NEST, but is injured. During Kennedy's and Redfield's exploration, Alpha Team member HUNK reaches the abandoned Raccoon Police Station with one remaining sample of Golgotha, and is rescued by an Umbrella helicopter.[68]


Thursday 1 October: In the early hours of the morning, S.T.A.R.S. officer Jill Valentine wakes up after being unconscious since the night of the 28th. Cpl. Carlos Oliveira rushes to Raccoon General Hospital in search of antiretroviral drugs, and discovers the t-Virus vaccine the staff were working on. Valentine is treated, and the two head out looking for a means out of the city. During their separate travels to the P-12A Plant, both become aware that the US military now intends to fire a missile into the city to contain the outbreak.[69] Sgt. Zinoviev takes a helicopter from the P-12A plant to allow his escape, but when the US military abandons its air blockade, Barry Burton takes the opportunity to fly into the city, searching for Valentine on the radio. While she fights and kills the Nemesis-T Type, Cpl. Oliveira directs Burton to the scrap yard near the plant, and he picks the two up as the city is destroyed by an experimental thermobaric bomb.

Elsewhere in the city, a group of survivors led by Dr. George Hamilton travel to Raccoon University in search of Dr. Jenkins, after Dr. Hamilton found a letter from him at a refugee centre. Their search for his own vaccine, Daylight, interferes with a U.B.C.S. operation to take down the rogue Umbrella researcher Dr. Greg Mueller and his Tyrant, Thanatos. The team is ultimately successful in taking down Thanatos, while Sgt. Zinoviev is successful in assassinating Dr. Mueller. They escape in a Raccoon Fire Department helicopter with a sample of Daylight as the city explodes.

A third group of survivors led by David King finds themselves at Umbrella's R&D Center, where Dr. Linda Baldwin is searching for a prototype treatment to the t-Virus she was working on before the outbreak. Another survivor, Dr. Carter, awakens Tyrant R to take down the escaped Hunter Rs, but the Tyrant turns on him to prevent him using a remote for the bomb in its chest. The survivors find Dr. Baldwin in a water treatment plant, but she is washed away to a storm drain near the Apple Inn. She is then shot in the leg by U.B.C.S. member Arnold who has orders to kill Captain Rodriguez, a USS operator who is waiting for Dr. Baldwin to return so they could escape the city together. Whether this group escapes with Cpt. Rodriguez or gets out of the city is unknown.

Nearby, Wong arrives at the Apple Inn to meet her liaison with the Organisation's leadership, who was to escape the city with her and Golgotha. Instead she finds he has already killed himself, but is offered a way out by Dr. Wesker, who informs her about Col. Vladimir's helicopter escape from Raccoon City. After defeating Tyrant R on the highway overpass, she escapes with the use of a hook-shot attaching to the helicopter.[70]

Sunday 4 October: The owner of a restaurant for Umbrella employees on Sheena Island overhears the news of Raccoon City's destruction. He also hears a rumor that Umbrella was responsible for it, but is not willing to believe a hazardous accident might occur on the island, as it is used by Umbrella for research.[71]

Tuesday 6 October: The restaurant owner overhears umbrella employees discuss William Birkin, who has been blamed for the Raccoon City outbreak.[71]

Wednesday 7 October: Sheena Island officials hold a meeting with Cmdr. Goldman over the Raccoon City incident. Blame is put on William Birkin and they decide that any traitors on the island should be executed on sight.[72]

Thursday 8 October: The restaurant owner learns that the t-Virus is present on Sheena Island, though the employee telling him this claims that an outbreak would be impossible. The owner doesn't believe him and makes plans to leave the island.[71]

Friday 9 October: The imprisoned boy on Sheena Island writes in his diary one last time, detailing the prisoners’ plan to escape.[43]

Saturday 10 October: The prisoners put their plan into action in the early hours. They are discovered however, and all are executed personally by Goldman.[43] Goldman has the police chief send a false report to Umbrella, labeling the mass breakout as a mass-suicide in order to maintain Umbrella's trust.[73] Andy, the caretaker of Sheena Island's sewers, gets word of the incident in the morning.[44]

Thursday 15 October: Rumors of Goldman's massacre spread around Sheena Island. Lott writes of his disgust and puts his ideology into question.[46]

Tuesday 20 October: A reply from Umbrella is sent to the Sheena Island police chief. The company does not treat the deaths as a loss of human life, but as mere "guinea pigs" who can be replaced shortly.[74]

Friday 30 October: A worker at the Antarctic Base complains about his job assignment, having expected to work with pharmaceutical products when joining Umbrella, as opposed to shipping crates in the south pole.[75]


Tuesday 3 November: Vacation time for workers at the Antarctic Base is cancelled due to a lack of suitable manpower brought on by the insane orders of Alfred Ashford.[75]

Thursday 5 November: A worker recently transferred to the Antarctic Base is told of "Nosferatu" by older workers. He doesn't believe them.[75]

Sunday 8 November: Commander Vincent discovers that the people of Sheena island are listing his numerous crimes. The only person he can trust is Lott Klein, who informs him of a spy on the island.[73]

Monday 9 November: Andy Holland meets who he believes to be Commander Vincent, unaware that it is the spy. Lott informs Vincent of this.[44][Note 1]

Tuesday 10 November: The transport terminal worker is awoken late at night by a disturbing growling noise. He blames it on the stress of the job, still not believing in "Nosferatu.”[75]

Thursday 19 November: Commander Vincent is told that a number of people have been collecting evidence of his many human rights violations (among other crimes) and plan on sending it to Umbrella HQ during their next visit.[73]

Sunday 22 November: Commander Goldman releases the t-Virus into the city with the intention of killing everyone and making it look like an accident. With no one else aware of his crimes, Vincent prepares to head back to Europe once he is able to kill the spy that is impersonating him.[73][76]

Monday 23 November: As the t-Virus ravages the city, Umbrella security personnel begin firing at any and all civilians, distressing Lott Klein, who is not infected.[46]

Tuesday 24 November: Lott is told by another survivor that Goldman is responsible for the leak. Broken by this, Lott no longer trusts anyone but his younger sister Lily, who he swears to protect - his parents having already turned into zombies.[46]

Wednesday 25 November: Commander Goldman attempts to kill the spy, Ark Thompson, but falls from his hijacked helicopter and falls unconscious. Ark is also rendered unconscious from being thrown out of the vehicle as it fell to the ground and is stricken with amnesia.[77]

Thursday 26 November: While Ark is recovering from amnesia, he runs into Lott Klein who runs away from Ark. After discovering an underground lab beneath an abandoned mansion, he catches up to Lott and saves him from a hunter. Lott reveals to Ark he is not Vincent and tells Ark about the events leading up to the helicopter crash earlier. Ark Thompson finally regains his memories. Vincent Goldman manages to catch up with Ark and attempts to murder him, however the newly designed Hypnos-T Type kills Vincent Goldman before he is able. Ark escapes with Lott and his sister Lily on a helicopter.[77] Sheena Island is destroyed by the Umbrella Facility's self-destruct system. Ark uses the helicopter's missiles to destroy the Hypnos-T Type. Ark, Lott, and Lily fly away in the chopper having survived the Sheena Island outbreak.


bef. Thursday 17 December:[78] Claire Redfield, looking for her brother, manages to infiltrate the Paris Umbrella laboratory. Though holding her own against a small army of heavily armed security officers, she is eventually caught by head security officer Rodrigo Juan Raval. Claire is taken as prisoner and flown to Rockfort Island.

Sunday 27 December: Following an attack on Rockfort Island by the HCF coinciding with Redfield's arrival, Umbrella's forces are wiped out. Rodrigo Juan Raval frees Redfield to spare her from dying from hunger in a prison cell. She partners up with fellow prisoner, Steve Burnside, and the two plan to escape the island in a plane. They also meet Alfred Ashford, who is adamant Redfield is a spy who led the group to the island. The two are also able to get word out to Kennedy, now a STRATCOM agent, about Redfield's situation, and he alerts her brother, Chris. The two eventually escape from the island after a self-destruct device is triggered, and fly to the Antarctic Base with the other planes.

Monday 28 December: In the morning, the plane crashes into the Antarctic Base, which has fallen to the t-Virus due to the earlier escape planes carrying infected passengers. Redfield and Burnside manage to board a truck to take them out of the base, but an injured Ashford awakens his sister, Dr. Alexia Ashford, hidden deep within the facility. She captures the two, intending to experiment on them later. Meanwhile, Chris Redfield arrives on Rockfort Island in search of his sister, but finds it in ruins. A chance encounter with Dr. Wesker leads Chris to search for her in Antarctica. Back at the facility, the Redfield siblings are reunited, though Burnside is killed by Dr. Ashford. Chris succeeds in killing the virologist, and soon gets into a fight with Dr. Wesker. Both are seriously injured and flee, with Chris and Claire escaping via a Harrier jet, while Dr. Wesker abandons the base in a submarine.



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