1F passage B (1F廊下B 1F rōka B?) is an area of the Raccoon University faculty building.



An Iron Pipe can be recovered against the door to 1F passage A on EASY and HARD. A Bent Iron Pipe can be found on HARD in the middle of the corridor between the two turns. Towards the back door is a Green Herb, found on all difficulties, and a Blue Herb, found on EASY and NORMAL. Players can trigger a burst of electricity to stun Thanatos in this room, giving them a chance to get T-Blood.


Location Localisation Original script
Against the 1F passage A door "There's nothing useful here."
Shutter "There seems to be a loading entrance for cargo, but it doesn't seem to be used anymore."
Door to outside "It's locked. I need a card key to unlock this."
Fence against the door "Junk has been left here. I don't need to bother with this."




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