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The 2000 Tokyo Game Show (TGS 2000 for short) was a biannual game show held in Japan in Spring and Autumn 2000. The Spring event took place from March 31-April 2.


A playable demo of Resident Evil 0 appeared at the Spring TGS event, being used on eight separate Nintendo 64s in two kiosks. The demo, said to represent the game when it reached 20% completion, had people walk through the Ecliptic Express as S.T.A.R.S. officer Rebecca Chambers. She would meet a dying Edward Dewey and be introduced to Billy Coen.[1]

On 31 March, four Capcom producers chaired the "BIOHAZARD EMERGENCY MEETING", them being Tatsuya Minami; Keiji Inafune; Shinji Mikami and Noritaka Funamizu. During the talk, Mikami explained that the new game, Resident Evil 0, would be set before the original game, with Bravo Team member Rebecca Chambers being the protagonist, and would clear up the mystery surrounding what happened to the team. The lack of Spencer Mansion in the game was avoided, with focus given to the train setting. Billy Coen, then unnamed, was confirmed to be the a second playable character, who would start as a 'bad guy' before turning. In terms of story, it was confirmed that Flagship was responsible for writing, and had gone through noticeable re-writes. When asked for an expected release date, Minami and Inafune showed confusion as to its expected date, as internal documents suggested both a Summer and Autumn date, with Inafune mentioning a rumour it would be a Winter release. Moving on, it is confirmed there would be no item boxes and players will simply discard items onto the ground.[2]


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