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The 2002 bioterror attack in India was one of the earliest recorded bioterrorist attacks of the 21st century.[1]


Following a series of incidents at their high-security facilities over several years, the Umbrella Corporation was approaching collapse by 2002. This internal collapse also brought with it the corporation's control over black market bioweapon sales, allowing former employees to establish powerbases of their own without retailiation. By that year, former Umbrella researcher Dr. Frederic Downing had reached a senior position in WP Corporation's R&D Department, putting him in a position to conduct the early stages of t-Virus vaccine research.

Seeking to profit from this position, Downing made contact with representatives of the Republic of Bajirib, who's leader General Miguel Grandé was interested in the viability of biological weapons. As a demonstration of its capabilities, samples of t-Virus were smuggled out to India as a test.


samples of t-Virus were smuggled to India and used to start an outbreak. From there Downing, via his WP Corporation position, supplied India with the prototype vaccine to prevent it spreading beyond ground zero.


The US and Indian governments are initially successful in covering the terrorist attack up. However, the WP Corporation's vaccination trials and the outbreak were made public in 2005 by an information leak. This information led the media and TerraSave to the incorrect conclusion that the outbreak was recent and the result of the clinical trial. The accusations led to the WP Corporation suffering financially and after Downing's own influence was discovered, forced it out of the market entirely with TRICELL, Inc. purchasing its laboratories.