• Leon S. Kennedy is now a fully training special agent working for the US Government – which may or may not be Stratcom – seen in Resident Evil Dead Aim.
  • Ashley Graham is kidnapped by ex-special agent Jack Krauser, he is taken to a remote location controlled by the crazed and fanatical Lord Osmund Saddler. – Krauser is effectively double crossing Saddler and is infact working for Albert Wesker, he is joined on this mission by none other than Ada Wong.
  • Ashley is rescued by Leon, he manages to defeat both Krauser and Saddler.

Ada Wong manages to successfully gain the host Los Plagas parasite which befell the European community that Saddler controlled. Leon knows of Ada’s alliance with Albert Wesker.

  • President Graham’s daughter Ashley is kidnapped and now, a fully trailed Leon S. Kennedy is sent into rescue her.
  • Rendezvousing with a couple of local policeman, they take Leon to a nearby rural village, but seem reluctant to go in with him. He walks through into the small settlement of houses and upon showing a photograph of Ashley to a local is attacked with a hatchet. Leon is forced to use deadly force to fend off the villagers and as he fights for his life, a group of crazed villagers drive into the police-man’s car and take them away.
  • Leon goes further into the wilderness and finds a nearby village, where one of the police officers has been burnt at the stake with his eyes gouged out. Before long he is seen and a huge battle ensues with Leon and the villagers, a local ‘doctor’ of the village fires up a chainsaw and chases Leon down. After minutes of further fighting.
  • At the same time Ada Wong, returning from the dead infiltrates the village and battles Ganado of her own, Wesker contacts her and he orders her to distract the Ganado by ringing the church bell. She quickly leaves the village and hears Leon battling Ganado in the distance… As she heads to the church she hears a girl whimpering behind a locked door, ignoring it she carries on and rings the church bell.
  • The bell sounds and all the villagers are set into a trance, and slowly lumber toward it leaving Leon alone.
  • Ada then proceeds to a nearby house and explores the rooms, she is then communicated by Wesker who informs her that Luis Sera, their researcher on the inside has been discovered and captured. Wesker orders Ada to rescue him.
  • Leon then goes off to a nearby farm to look for Ashley, and instead finds a prisoner who goes by the identity of Luis Sera. As Leon begins to free him, the chief of the village – Bitorez Mendez approaches and Leon, without hesitation attacks him. The chief soon over-powers Leon and both he and Luis are captured. At this time Ada reaches the farm and in hiding, watches as Ganado carry Leon and Luis away.
  • They are taken far away into the hills and kept in a cabin and at the same time Leon is injected with a strange egg. There they briefly discuss who each other are, and Luis claims he was a police officer, but he reveals he knows about Ashley. Soon enough they are attacked and Leon manages to escape his bonds and both he and Luis separate and escape. Leon learns that Ashley has been moved to the village church.
  • On his way back he finds a house which he chooses to explore, and Ada is in pursuit, reaching the house at the same time. Leon runs into Mendez who overpowers Leon again, but chooses not to kill him – stating they are of the ‘same blood’. Leon gets up and follows Mendez into a nearby bedroom. Mendez tires with Leon and punches him across the room and stands upon him. Ada uses her wire gun and rappels down to the window of the bedroom and shoots at Mendez, who charges at her smashing through the window below. Ada winches herself back to the roof and leaves quickly but upon her escape she is shot with a tranquilizer dart and, upon being rendered unconscious – is taken away.
  • Leon returns to the village and learns that the key he needs to enter the church is located across a lake apparently guarded by a ‘Del Lago’.
  • As he approaches the lake, he notices a boat upon it. Looking through his binoculars he witnesses two of the villagers drop the other police man into the water. Shortly after a huge creature consumes it. Leon enters the water himself and is soon attacked by Del Lago, which appears to be a large salamander like creature.
  • Leon battles Del Lago with large fishing spears, and eventually kills it. As he exits the boat on the other side of the lake, Leon feels faint and collapses into unconsciousness. He wakes later to find his contact Ingrid Hunnigan trying to contact him. Apparently he has been out of contactable for 6 hours, he tells Ingrid that he will continue with his mission. He moves further inland and comes up to a small waterfall, and within it is the key he requires for the church.
  • Heading back, he is attacked by some wild dogs that sprout large tentacles. Leon fights them off and comes face to face with a small cluster of Ganado opening a nearby cave. The entrance to the cave smashes open and out emerges a large creature know as El-Gigante. Leon battles the troll and eventually kills it, returning back to the church. Inside he manages to rescue Ashley but he is soon confronted by he mastermind of the operation – Osmund Saddler. He hints to Leon that Ashley is too, infected and will be shortly sent back to the US. As a means of infecting the President and as a result, controlling him for their own purposes. Both Leon and Ashley are then attacked and Leon takes Ashley to safety, albeit after fighting through hordes of relentless Ganado.
  • Ada finally awakens just as she is about to be axed in a sacrificial ceremony, fighting off the Ganado she finds herself in the hills nearby, not far off Mendez’ house. She races quickly to find Luis.
  • They eventually make it to a large cabin where they find Luis, and the three of them fend of the Ganado for a time until they eventually retreat. Luis doesn’t hang about however and quickly leaves the scene. As he leaves the cabin Ada Wong finally encounters him, and she immediately asks if he has the sample. Luis replies that he was just going to get it, and that he wants Ada to take care of Saddler, he leaves.
  • Hunnigan tells Leon that their evacuation helicopter has been shot down, but to carry on to the evac-point regardless. Heading there they find a derelict house owned by Mendes, as Leon enters he is attacked and is forced to battle the village chief. Mendes mutates into a huge creature and after a battle in the fire, Leon is able to kill Mendes and at the same time gaining access to a nearby castle, where he believes he and Ashley may be able to rest.
  • As he heads there more Ganado attack, but Ashley and Leon make it to the castle regardless. There they find a local cult called the Los Illuminatos, who are now led by the fanatical Ramon Salazar, a 20 year old midget. Shortly after he makes his introduction, Ashley falls for a trap after coughing up some blood.
  • Contacting Hunnigan, the line is soon jacked by Salazar who taunts Leon. As Leon battles through the castle, and through one of Salazar’s sadistic mazes, he finds himself held a gunpoint by a shades-wearing woman in a red dress. Leon bats the gun out of her hand and he draws his knife. She manages to get the gun back, but not before Leon has the knife to her throat. She reveals herself to be none other than Ada Wong. Leon seems to be aware that she is still alive and even goes on to say that she is working for Wesker. Before Ada reveals anything she drops her shades which activates a flash bang, as Leon is blinded Ada makes her escape.
  • She reloads her weapon in the nearby garden maze and Wesker contacts her, telling her that Luis Sera has succeeded in retrieving the sample they desire. He also orders Ada to terminate Leon as soon as she can. She proceeds to look for Luis in the castle.
  • Leon carries on regardless and finds Ashley but cannot reach her. He instead shoots her bonds and she manages to evade some cultists for a time and eventually reunites with Leon. But not before Luis is impaled by Saddler, as he dies he tells Leon that he is a researcher working for Saddler and with that, he gives Leon some pills which suppress the growth of the creatures inside both him and Ashley and dies. Unbeknown to Leon, Ada is in the same room hiding behind a pillar witnessing the death of Luis herself, she contacts Wesker and tells him that Saddler has re-acquired the sample, Wesker orders her to get it.
  • Leon, now reunited with Ashley battle through the castle, but before long Ashley is re-captured by some flying creatures and she is returned to Salazar. He contacts Leon and tells him that Ashley will now be prepared for a ritual. Leon races to get to Salazar and the moment he does falls down a pit-trap. Using a ratchet cord he manages to avoid being impaled. Salazar, now infuriate sends one of his right hand men, a large creature known as Verudigo after him. In the sewer system of the castle, Leon battles Verudigo, and only using liquid nitrogen and blowing the creature to pieces is Leon able to defeat it.
  • As he battles further he enters a large tower and as he ascends to the top he finds Salazar standing before a large mass of a creature. He taunts Leon one last time, and with his other right hand Verudigo, enters the mass. Both he, the mass and Verudigo merge together and create a huge monstrous creature. Leon is forced to battle Salazar and eventually kills Salazar, who dissolves into slime. Pressing forward, and having learnt that Ashley has been taken to the nearby island, he runs into Ada Wong again, who offers to take Leon the rest of the way.
  • She soon leaves Leon in the lurch again and goes off by herself leaving Leon on the shore of the island. He enters the nearby buildings and learns they are controlled by a military presence, though they are all too controlled in the same way the Ganado are.
  • During Leon’s battles Krauser, a mercenary working under Wesker and double crossing Saddler, talks to Ada about Wesker, and how he doubts Ada. Ada just replies saying she’s known Wesker far longer than Krauser. As she leaves Krauser, Wesker contacts her and reminds Ada to retrieve the sample and also to discuss Leon, Ada states that once he has Ashley he will no longer be a factor, but Wesker tells Ada she has assigned Krauser to Leon. Ada shuts of the communicator and states that she doesn’t play by Wesker’s rules, and races to intercept Krauser.
  • She battles through the island an reaches a large harbour where a battleship is housed. Fighting through Ada manages to completely devastate the ship and carry on to her objective
  • Fighting through Leon makes it to a nearby facility where he is confronted by Krauser. Krauser lets it be known that he was the one who kidnapped Ashley in order to buy his trust to Saddler, though little does Leon know that Krauser is actually double crossing Saddler and working with Ada to obtain the Los Plagas sample that Saddler has. Leon and Krauser battle with knives and Krauser shortly before trying to kill Leon exclaims that it’s all “for Umbrella’s sake”. He leaps atop Leon and attempts to plunge the knife into him; the knife is shot from his hand by none other than Ada. Krauser gives up the fight momentarily and leaves, as does Ada. Leon carries on and Saddler confronts him about his recent battle with Krauser. As Saddler runs out of resources to use against Leon he sends a creature after him known only as ‘It’. It proves no match for Leon and is quickly killed.
  • Leon emerges on the flip side of the island where more soldier-Ganado are. Fighting through them, he comes up to a small ruin where he meets Krauser again. The two battle and Krauser claims that Umbrella needs to come back to “restore order to our insane world”. Leon eventually defeats Krauser after Krauser’s arm mutates into a large weapon.
  • Leon continues to press on and is confronted by hundreds of Ganado. At that moment some much needed back arrives in the form of a pilot known only as Mike, who pilots a combat chopper. Leon, with Mike as his fire support manages to fight through all the Ganado to Saddler’s base.
  • As Mike flies overhead Ada arrives past Krauser’s devastation and is contacted by Wesker, telling her that time is almost up and that she must retrieve the sample. She informs Wesker that Krauser was killed by Leon and Wesker says they can use it to their advantage and let Krauser fight with Leon and then pick up the pieces. Ada pushes forth.
  • As Leon makes his final approach, Mike is shot out of the air, and is killed. Leon swears that the next person to die will be Saddler.
  • As Leon battles with hordes upon hordes of Ganado, Ada is attacked by none other than Krauser, who is seriously burnt from the recent explosion. Ada goes to fight him as Leon battles Ganado below, and after a short but vicious battle, finally kills Krauser, his mutated arm shrinking to normal. Ada carries on.
  • Inside the facility Leon finds Ashley in a large machine, as he attempts to release her Saddler appears and beats Leon down. Ada arrives on the scene and distracts Saddler while Leon rescues Saddler. Leon and Ashley escape and Saddler turns his attention onto Ada and they battle each other. Ada overpowers Saddler but he ultimately gets the upper hand and captures Ada.
  • They take it in turns to use the machine and escape to the roof of the building. Leon senses something is wrong and tells Ashley to wait in safety as Leon ascends to the very top, where a temporary construction site is. There he finds Ada strung up and quickly has to rescue her from Saddler. Saddler now at his wits end with Leon, becomes a large 4 legged creature and Leon battles within him on the roof top. As the fight continues in the rain, Ada interrupts and throws Leon a rocket launcher for him to finish Saddler with. Saddler is blown to pieces and as Leon goes over to the recover the Las Plagas sample, Ada holds a gun to his head. She takes the Plagas away from Leon and swan dives off the top into a nearby helicopter. She gives Leon a jet-ski to escape with as she activates the self-destruct for the island.
  • On board the helicopter, Ada is contacted by Albert Wesker, who commends Ada for her mission success and reveals that he wants to revive Umbrella.
  • Meanwhile, Leon runs to escape the island with Ashley, they find the jet-ski and as the island crumbles around them they manage to escape shortly before it detonates.
  • Ashley promises Leon some over-time, but Leon states that Ada is a part of him he can’t let go. They ride away to home.
  • In the aftermath of the disaster, we learn from a report by Ada that she is infact double crossing Albert Wesker and working for a pharmaceutical corporation known only as ‘S’.

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