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Early 2005

Unknown Date

The events of the St. Cloud incident take place sometime in this year.[1]

The events of Resident Evil Revelations take place sometime this year (most likely before the events of Resident Evil Degeneration):

  • BSAA agents Parker Luciani  and Jill Valentine investigate a ship, the Queen Zenobia, and stumble upon a conspiracy. They are captured by Veltro, but later escape and find Raymond Vester.
  • BSAA agents Chris Redfield and Jessica Sherawat explore the mountains and discover that Veltro exists even after the Terragrigia panic.
  • Veltro announces their plan to contaminate the world's oceans using the t-abyss virus.
  • Jill finds Raymond's partner, Rachel, who had transformed into an ooze monster and defeats her. Rachel, however, manages to survive and pursues them throughout the ship.
  • Quint Cetcham and Keith Lumley  investigate the Valkoinen Mokki Airport for traces of Veltro. After retrieving a key, they access a computer from a destroyed plane to determine the coordinates of the Queen Zenobia to look for Jill and Parker and send them to headquarters. Chris and Jessica are given the coordinates. They soon realize they were given the coordinates for the Queen Semiramis.
  • Jill and Parker attempt to stop the flooding in the bilge, but are unsuccessful. They escape the flooded engine room and reach the Queen Zenobia's attenae to signal headquarters. They realize that the Regia Solis that destroyed Terragrigia is being reactivated to destroy the ships. Morgan Lansdale, head of the FBC, is controlling the satellite.
  • They use a drone plane to trick the satellite, but the resulting blast of light sends a huge wave that cripples the Queen Zenobia. As the ship takes on water, Jill and Parker try to reach the main hall. They run into a Veltro agent. Meanwhile, Chris and Jessica arrive at the sinking ship and fend off tentacle-like monsters along the way. Jessica appears to kill the Veltro agent, who turned out to be Raymond. Chris and Jill team up while Jessica and Parker attempt to slow the sinking. Chris and Jill uncover a secret lab within the Queen Zenobia.
  • Chris and Jill prevent the release of the t-abyss virus and learn that Morgan Lansdale was responsible for the attack on Terragrigia.
  • Parker heads to the bridge to slow the sinking, but Jessica reveals she was working for Morgan and shoots Parker as well as activating the ship's self-destruct system. Raymond reveals he survived Jessica's shot and goes after her. Chris and Jill go towards the foredeck before the ship detonates. Jill finds Parker and attempts to rescue him, but Parker falls down into a pit of fire in the ship's boiler room and is presumed dead. Raymond, however, manages to rescue Parker off of the ship. Jill and Chris reach the foredeck, but are attacked by a huge sea monster that destroyed their rescue chopper.
  • Chris and Jill defeat the Malacoda monster and escape on another BSAA chopper as the monster and the Queen Zenobia fall into the ocean.
  • Chris and Jill find the submerged Queen Dido and find Jack Norman who mutates into a monster. They defeat the mutated Norman and retrieve a video recording showing Lansdale's involvement with Veltro. The evidence is shown at the BSAA headquarters and Clive R. O'Brian has Lansdale arrested.
  • Quint, Keith, and Parker are all shown to have survived their encounters and move on with their lives. O'Brian retires from head of the BSAA.
  • Shortly after, Raymond gives a t-abyss virus sample to Jessica. Both Raymond and Jessica were revealed to be triple agents during the entire mission, working together to retrieve the t-abyss sample. [2]
  • A scene of Chris and Jill is shown, referencing the later Raid on the Spencer Estate.


  • A bioterror attack occurs in the Harvardville Airport. Leon Kennedy is sent in by the U.S. government to rescue survivors before the US Marine Corps clear out the area.
  • Frederic Downing activates a bomb in the WP Corporation facility near Harvardville to fake his death and pin the blame on Curtis Miller.
  • Downing is arrested by the S.R.T. before he can sell samples of the "G" and "t"-viruses to terrorist supporter General Grande.
  • WP Corporation is bought out by TRICELL, who recover a sample of the G-virus independently in the wreckage of the facility.