Prime universe
(Capcom's primary storyline)

The 2005 bioterror attack in India was one of the earliest recorded bioterrorist attacks of the 21st century.


The 2004 Terragrigia Panic proved the viability of the t-Virus as a weapon, leading to an increase in terrorist attacks utilizing it. To capitalize on the new threat of globalized bioterrorism, Dr. Frederic Downing, the head of WilPharma Corporation's R&D department entered secret talks with General Miguel Grande of the Republic of Bajirib to negotiate a lucrative trade of viral samples to be used by Bajirib's military. As the general was not fully convinced about the virus' effectiveness, Downing provided a third party in India with the virus in order to advertize it.


Little was known about the actual attack. What was known was that the WilPharma Corporation who was developing a t-Virus vaccine with the oversight of the US government immediately sent their vaccine out to treat the spread of the virus while the Indian military put the zombies down.


The US and Indian governments are initially successful in covering the terrorist attack up. However, WilPharma's vaccination of the civilians was seen by the media as an unethical vaccination program which caused the zombies in the first place. The accusations led to WilPharma suffering financially and after Downing's own influence was discovered, forced it out of the market entirely with TRICELL, Inc. purchasing its laboratories.


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