The events of the Raid on the Spencer Estate depicted in Resident Evil 5's Lost in Nightmares DLC happened in this year.

  • While searching for Albert Wesker, the BSAA agents named Jill Valentine and Chris Redfield received a tip on the location of Oswell E. Spencer's hideout. After exploring the estate and evading it's numerous traps, they found out that Wesker already murdered Spencer. They desperately tried to defeat Wesker, but they are overpowered. As Chris found himself at the mercy of Wesker, Jill lunged at Wesker in an attempt to save her partner. Valentine and Wesker crashed through a large window overlooking a cliff and plunged many feet into the waters below. Chris looked on helplessly. The BSAA searched for their bodies for three months.[1]


November 23rd

The search for Valentine's body ended without results. She was presumed dead.[citation needed]


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