May 12th


December 14th

Adam begins writing his blog on Blogspot upon finally receiving a connection and creating a new account. He sends in his first blog in his account; "Adam is Back!".[citation needed]

December 16th

Adam explains his job at a mine in Kijuju in his latest blog post; My Job. Adam introduces his affections for an unnamed blonde woman.[citation needed]

December 19th

Adam sends his latest blog; Thinking About Her. Discovering she has a boyfriend, he still considers talking to her.[citation needed]

December 23rd

Adam releases another blog; Something In The Air. He describes discovering a decapitated dog.[citation needed]

December 25th

Adam releases his last blog entitled Merry Christmas!!. He describes his boss picking five of the miners - several of whom, his "drinking buddies" - to be sent to another mine.

Adam finally talks to the girl and hears from her over unusual activity going on with the local wildlife.[citation needed]


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