Working as a mercenary in South America, Jake is attacked by a knife-wielding individual. It is at this moment that Jake begins to realize his mortality towards pointless deaths, ironically deciding to stay as a mercenary.[1]


Bef. January 4

Adam's family becomes concerned that Kijuju is a dangerous place after he mentions several instances of finding the corpses of dogs on the ground.[2]

January 4

Despite protest from his mother and father, Adam chooses to head back to Kijuju due to the salary. Returning to Kijuju, Adam notices the local butcher talking to "a man in a turban". First concluding that the two are collecting animal remains for sale as meat, Adam quickly becames more and more convinced that they are responsible for the anti-foreigner graffiti, later even suspecting them of arming for a revolution.[2]

January 15

Adam sees a man in sunglasses in the bar during a date with the blond woman - who finally tells him her name. This man offends him with remarks like, "Foreigners should be thrown out of our land!" and "We will take back our town!". Numerous people in the bar begin fighting each other over the man's words.[3]

January 16

Adam and Allyson wake up after a night of cowering out of view of the window. She decides that she and her boyfriend should leave Kijuju before it is too late. Adam stays behind.[3]

January 30

Adam uploads "Lost Friends." In it he discovers one of his "drinking buddies" from the mines -who was "transferred" to another work site a month ago- was among the crowd of Majini villagers in the assembly listening to the man in sunglasses' words against foreigners.[4]


February 13

By now the Majini have completed the scaffolding in Kijuju, which is christened by the public execution of a foreigner. Adam witnesses a Majini attack another man, briefly glimpsing as the attacker tries to implant a Las Plagas parasite into the other. Elsewhere on his walk around Kijuju he witnesses savage beatings and a dog hosting the parasite.[5]

February 6

Alysson's hotel is attacked by a mob of angry Kijujuans who drag away several non-natives. Alysson escapes the group and takes shelter at Adam's house. She becomes distressed once the Instigator Majini begins another of his xenophobic rallies.[6]

February 13

BSAA agent Reynard Fisher files Report 090213 to the BSAA Remote Desktop, indicating his suspicions about bioterrorist activity in Kijuju, after having read some of Adam's blog entries.[7]

February 17

Allyson leaves Adam alone in his hotel room to find a way out of the city, leaving him bemused on why she'd risk being attacked outside.[8]

February 19

A photo of Majini villagers is taken for the BSAA. An unaffected individual is seen with them. The Majini take no notice of him.[citation needed]

February 20

The armed forces construct a wall to stop the infected Kijujuans from leaving; the Kijujuans on the inside meanwhile have descended so far into anarchy that they publicly commit murder. Adam urges anyone on the internet to call for help.[8]


March 4

Allyson leaves Adam during the night.[citation needed]

March 5

March 6

March 7

  • Excella Gionne is killed as Wesker injects her with Uroboros and leaves her to mutate, Chris and Sheva use the L.T.D. to destroy the creature.[citation needed]
  • Albert Wesker transforms after the bomber crashes in a laval zone, he is transformed by Uroboros.[9]
  • Captain Josh Stone and Jill Valentine arrive via helicopter and rescue Chris and Sheva, thus ending their mission.[9]
  • Albert Wesker is killed by 2 rocket launchers from the Helicopter launched by Chris and Sheva.[9]


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