In this year, the Global Bioterror Attacks begin.



March 12Edit

March 13Edit

  • Jackson continued the operations to obtain battle data with 3A-7.

March 14Edit

  • Abraham Jackson's experiment continued with 3A-7.

March 15Edit

  • Jackson continued running trials with 3A-7.


April 1Edit

April 3Edit

  • Due to Honker's meddling, Jackson was forced to changed the mission parameters for 3A-7's tests.

April 4Edit

  • Once again mission parameters were changed due to Honker, but 3A-7 succeeded in the trial, allowing Jackson to continue the experiment.


May 21Edit

  • Abraham Jackson continued the experiment with 3A-7, this time in an infected village in Spain, taken over by Dummy Plaga.

May 22Edit

  • Jackson informed 3A-7 that a certain important individual from their organization would witness their trial for the day. As result of the experiment, commander became interested in 3A-7.

May 23Edit

  • The commander continued to observe 3A-7 as he completed the experiments, and informed Jackson that he was the one behind the trails.


June 18Edit

  • Moving to District 12 of the Kijuju Autonomous Zone, 3A-7 continued completing Abraham Jackson's trials.
  • Jackson started an personal investigation into the identity of the organization's commander.


  • Beatrice Bertrand was called back from her vacation to take over Abraham Jackson's trials, as Jackson disappeared soon after beginning his investigation.

July 6Edit

  • Beatrice Bertrand ran 3A-7 through her first trial.

July 8Edit

  • Bertrand placed 3A-7 through the last trial in Kijuju.


August 7Edit

  • Beatrice Bertrand put 3A-7 through a trial in the simulated Raccoon City streets.

August 20Edit

  • 3A-7 performed another trial using experimental weapons.

August 24Edit

  • 3A-7 continued his trials, fighting against further mutated creatures.


September 3Edit

  • 3A-7 began close-quarter trials within the replica Raccoon Police Station.
  • Beatrice Bertrand was promised a raise in response to the effectiveness of the experiment.

September 15Edit


  • Beatrice's Bertrand's experiments were moved to the Antarctic Base where she received orders to kill 3A-7 within the trials.

October 13Edit

  • Beatrice attempted to ensure 3A-7's death during the experiment, but failed.


November 20Edit

  • Beatrice arranged a final experiment in an attempt to end 3A-7's life. 3A-7 survived the trial, prompting Beatrice to compare him to the grim reaper.


  • Following her repeated failures at eliminating subject 3A-7, Beatrice was terminated.


December 24Edit

December 25Edit

  • By taking their path through the snowy mountains and mines, Jake and Sherry made it out to the rendezvous point. However, Carla and her J'avo and Ustanak immediately capture them. Carla reveals to Jake his parentage, being the son of Albert Wesker.


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