"Right now, we're racing against a global bioterror attack, and we needed a vaccine yesterday!"
Sherry Birkin to Jake Muller

In late 2012 and 2013, a number of locations across the globe were hit by Bioterrorism attacks connected to President Adam Benford's decision to reveal classified information regarding the Raccoon City Destruction Incident. The C-Virus creates intelligent zombies, also various other B.O.W's such as J'avo, Complete Mutations and Ustanak.


In 2001 virologist Carla Radames created the C-Virus by merging samples of the G-Virus taken from Sherry Birkin with a modified strain of the t-Veronica virus. This was done to appease to Derek C. Simmons as she was hired to develop viral agents and bioweapons for him. The attacks technically began in December 2012, when Carla - driven mad by the truth of what Simmons had done to her in the course of Project Ada - was sent on a mission to Edonia to secure the escape of Jake Muller and Sherry Birkin.

Having already established her newfound terrorist group in secret, Neo Umbrella, Carla opted to kidnap Jake and Sherry for her own purposes and used Edonia as a breeding ground for her C-Virus. Six months after the C-Virus was spread through Edonia, Simmons used the C-Virus to infect Adam Benford - as well as the population of Tall Oaks - to stop him from revealing the truth of the government's involvement with the Umbrella Corporation's bioweapons program, and the Raccoon City Incident. Simmons and The Family believed revealing the truth would cause chaos and ruin America's power; however their plan became unhinged when Carla Radames, using the Far East resources of The Family she had been given by Simmons, founded Neo Umbrella and sought to use her C-Virus, her J'avo army and her newly created B.O.W., Haos, to infect the world and bring about the end of the world.

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