The background story events of Resident Evil: Umbrella Corps take place in this year.


  • The Connections setting up a lab in the Abercrombie Salt Mine, provided Lucas Baker with the serum, and enlisted him as an agent.


Two years after the Global Bioterrorist Attacks and twelve years after Umbrella Corporation collapsed in 2003.[1]

A large number of Umbrella's and TRICELL's Bio Organic Weapon research material has yet to be discovered, leaving it for other organizations to desire possession of these leftover remains and secrets, especially those involving bio-weapon technologies and viral researches.

The search inevitably brings these corporations into direct conflict with other corporations which are also seeking the same things. As a result, these global corporations send mercenaries into several infested and infected locations to search for viral samples, research data and lost secrets.[2]

The events of BIOHAZARD THE EXPERIENCE happened


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