August Edit

  • August 26: Eveline, due to not getting her maintenance chemicals, began rapidly aging and becoming unstable.

September Edit

  • September 1: Lucas reports it to The Connections HQ and by the 9th, the lab received a kit to make E-Necrotoxin from HQ. It was to be used if necessary but Eveline had already stabilized herself, albeit now an old women.

Undated Edit

  • Leon S. Kennedy began his mission to stop the terrorist from planting the bomb at Washington D.C. The Metro S.W.A.T. made a rendezvous point for him and his unit, but Patricio, the person who was involved has sold them out. The Bomb went off, but inside of it, there is a new virus strain called the A-virus and everyone was infected and killed (except Leon). Leon keeps fighting but he falls back. He fell about lost his unit because of him.
  • Chris Redfield, now leads a new counter-terrorism group is on his mission to rescue Cathy and his son, Zack in Querétaro Mansion. However, the mission has been failed. An arms-dealer, Glenn Arias has already injected Cathy and Zack with A-virus.

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