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1996 - Resident Evil
1998 - Resident Evil 2
1999 - Resident Evil 3: Nemesis


2000 - Resident Evil CODE:Veronica
2002 - Resident Evil (remake) & Resident Evil 0
2005 - Resident Evil 4
2009 - Resident Evil 5


2012 - Resident Evil: Revelations & Resident Evil 6
2015 - Resident Evil: Revelations 2
2017 - Resident Evil 7: Biohazard
2019 - Resident Evil 2 (remake)


2020 - Resident Evil 3 (remake)
2021 - Resident Evil: Village

2018 was a common year starting on Monday.


8 February

Death of Makiko Nitta, voice actress for the Fuji TV dub of Resident Evil: Apocalypse.[citation needed]



  • June 11: The Resident Evil 2 remake was revealed at E3 2018 on the PlayStation show.
    • The Leon demo of the game was playable at the Capcom booth.
    • The game and its Deluxe Edition were made available in the PlayStation Store on the same day the game was announced.
  • June 22: The Resident Evil 2 remake's vanilla and Deluxe Edition were made available on the Steam store.



7 August

The official Japanese site of the Resident Evil 2 remake was updated with a new "Biohazard RE: 2 Z Version", meant to be an 18+ edition exclusive to Japan.

9 August

The BIOHAZARD RE:2 Premium Edition was revealed.

13 August

Death of Unshō Ishizuka, voice actor for Clive R. O'Brian in the Japanese dub of Resident Evil Revelations.[citation needed]

16 August
  • The European Resident Evil 2 Collector's Edition was announced, some of the content in it are not present in the NA version.
  • Gamescom 2018 was held between August 21 - August 25 in Cologne, Germany.
    • The Leon demo of the game was playable at the entertainment area.
    • A new keyart of the RE2 remake was shown.
    • PC gameplay of the Leon demo at 60fps / 4k was posted online by NVIDIA GeForce.
21 August

A new Resident Evil 2 demo was played by the press, it was the first time Claire gameplay was shown to the public.

PAX West 2018 was held between Aug 31 - Sep 3.
    • The Leon demo of the game was playable at the Capcom booth.



  • New York Comic-Con 2018 was held between Oct 4 - 7.
    • The Leon demo of the game was playable at the Capcom booth.
    • The Claire demo of the game was for the first time playable by the public at Capcom's booth. Both demos were on the same build, with the player being able to choose which version they wish to try out.
  • One day after the NYCC ended:
    • An extended version of the Claire demo was made available to the press.
    • It was announced that the North American version of the Resident Evil 2 Deluxe Edition would have a reversible cover.
    • All DLC costumes in the Resident Evil 2 remake were shown to the public for the first time.
  • Brasil Game Show 2018 was held between Oct 10-14.
    • The Leon demo and Claire demo were playable by the public at Capcom's booth.
    • The extended version of Claire's demo was not playable, but was shown to the public in a panel during the show.
  • October 24: The Resident Evil 2 Steelbook Edition was revealed by the official Resident Evil Twitter.[3]
  • October 26: The Resident Evil remake, Resident Evil 0 and Resident Evil 4 were confirmed to be launching on the Nintendo Switch in 2019.[4]
  • October 29: The original Resident Evil was announced as one of the games pre-loaded in the PlayStation Classic.[5]
  • October 31: Leon's "Classic Police" costume and Claire's "Classic Jacket" costume were revealed.[6]


20 November

It was announced that Urien, Cammy, and Kolin would be getting Resident Evil costumes based on Albert Wesker, Jill Valentine and Ada Wong in Street Fighter V on the 27th of November.[7]

26 November

Death of Samuel Hadida, producer of the first six Resident Evil films by Constantin/Sony.[citation needed]



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