The 2019 Tokyo Game Show is a gaming convention that was held at Makuhari Messe in Chiba, Japan between September 12–15.

Resident Evil at TGS 2019Edit

A new Project Resistance gameplay trailer was unveiled during the show.[1] One of the producers of the game, Masachika Kawata, was present at the Capcom presentation, where he explained the gameplay and announced the Project Resistance closed beta. During this presentation, Neobards' Chairman/CEO Jean-Marc Morel also made an appearance and talked about the collaboration between Neobards and Capcom in order to make Project Resistance a reality.[2] Kawata also attended the PlayStation presentation during its Project Resistance segment, where the game was played by members of the development team and other guests.[3]

A demo of Project Resistance was playable at Capcom's booth, but only by those who had registered and won an invintation to it.[4] Those who visited the booth could obtain free posters of Project Resistance, Monster Hunter: Iceborne and Mega Man Zero/ZX Legacy Collection.[5]

A Twitter campaign was also held between August 29-September 16 where users would obtain a t-shirt and poster related to Project Resistance.[6]

During the show, the Resident Evil series was on sale on PlayStation, Steam and the Microsoft Store.[7][8][9]

On the last day of the show, the Nintendo Switch version of Resident Evil 6 was played during another Capcom livestream.[10] Project Resistance was also played by members of the development team on the same stream, including Matthew Walker and Tsuyoshi Kanda.[11]


Note: Only titles of the Resident Evil series are listed.

  • Resident Evil 2 won the "Award of Excellence" from the Japan Game Awards.[12]
  • Project Resistance won the "Future Division" award from the Japan Game Awards.[13]




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