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1996 - Resident Evil
1998 - Resident Evil 2
1999 - Resident Evil 3: Nemesis


2000 - Resident Evil CODE:Veronica
2002 - Resident Evil (remake) & Resident Evil 0
2005 - Resident Evil 4
2009 - Resident Evil 5


2012 - Resident Evil: Revelations & Resident Evil 6
2015 - Resident Evil: Revelations 2
2017 - Resident Evil 7: Biohazard
2019 - Resident Evil 2 (remake)


2020 - Resident Evil 3 (remake)
2021 - Resident Evil: Village

2020 was a leap year starting on Wednesday.


1 January

The Resident Evil Ambassador website was updated.

2 January

Death of writer Shōzō Uehara.[citation needed]

14 January

Resident Evil 3 - Nemesis Trailer released.

17 January

Resident Evil 2 Infected Hong Kong closed.[1]

22 January

The EU version of the Resident Evil 3 Collector's Edition was announced.[2]


9 March

The Biohazard RE:3 Collaboration Cafe was announced.[3]

16 March

Resident Evil 3 Demo & Resistance Open Beta Trailer released.

19 March

Resident Evil 3: Raccoon City Demo released

26 March

The Biohazard RE:3 Collaboration Cafe started.

27 March


3 April
5 April - 31 May

A public survey regarding the Resident Evil 3 remake, Resident Evil: Resistance, and whether users want a new Resident Evil remake to be cross-platform or not was held.[4]

9 April

The Resident Evil Resistance roadmap was revealed.[5]

11 April

Death of Paul Haddad, voice of Leon S. Kennedy in Resident Evil 2.[citation needed]

17 April
    • Jill Valentine was added to Resident Evil Resistance as a Survivor character.[6]
    • Nikolai Zinoviev was announced as the next Mastermind character to be added to Resident Evil Resistance.[6]
29 April

The Biohazard RE:3 Collaboration Cafe ended.


6 May

The Resident Evil 3 Nemesis Bust was released.[7]

15 May

Nikolai Zinoviev was added to Resident Evil Resistance as a Mastermind character.[6][8]


10 June
11 June

PS5 - The Future of Gaming took place.

12 June

Title update 3 for Resident Evil: Resistance was released.

19 June

A survey related to the Resident Evil 3 remake and the series going forward was open to users.[12]

25 June

The Resident Evil Ambassador site was updated.


2 July

The second Resident Evil: Resistance roadmap was released.[13]

10 July

The major content for July for Resident Evil: Resistance was released.

21 July

Adobe Flash support was removed from Resident Evil 6 pages on RESIDENT EVIL.NET and was replaced with javascript/html support instead. This makes all Resident Evil 6 files (which can only be read via RE.NET as they are not available in-game) still readable on the site even after Adobe Flash Player ends support on December 31, 2020.[14]

29 July
  • The All In-Game Rewards Unlock DLC for Resident Evil 3 was announced.[15]
  • Claire and Leon costumes for Resident Evil: Resistance characters were announced.[15]


4 August

Resident Evil Resistance - August Title Update and RE2 Costumes Trailer was released.

6 August
  • The Uptown update for Resident Evil: Resistance released.
  • The All In-game Rewards Unlock DLC for Resident Evil 3 released.
21 August


1 September
3 September

The September update released for Resident Evil: Resistance without any prior announcement.[21]

16 September
  • The PlayStation 5 Showcase event took place.
    • Resident Evil Village - 2nd Trailer was released.
    • Resident Evil 7: Biohazard was announced as one of the games within the PlayStation Plus Collection for the PS5.
    • After the show, the CEO of PlayStation announced that 99% of PS4 games would be playable on the PS5 via the backwards compatibility, confirming that most Resident Evil titles on PS4 would be playable on the next system.
23-27 September

2020 Tokyo Game Show took place.[22]

24 September

It was announced that Resident Evil 7: Biohazard Gold Edition would be available on Amazon Luna.[23]

25 September
27 September

Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness was officially announced.


1 October
  • The Wii U support for Resident Evil: Revelations at RESIDENT EVIL.NET was discontinued.[24]
  • A new update for Resident Evil: Resistance was released.[25]
6 October

BIOHAZARD RE:2 1/6 Collectible Action Figure Leon S.Kennedy was unveiled.[26]

  • October 8: Part 2 of the Resident Evil: Resistance October update was released.[27]
8-11 October

New York Comic-Con 2020 took place.

23-31 October

Halloween with Village took place.[29][30]

27 October

Netflix Anime Festival 2020 took place.

29 October

Prime 1 Studio Resident Evil 2 Claire Redfield and Prime 1 Studio Resident Evil 2 Leon S. Kennedy became available for pre-order.[31]


9 November

Brand new gameplay footage of Resident Evil Village was shown in the Naomi Osaka - PS5 First Play promotional video.

15 November

Death of voice actress Hikari Yono.[citation needed]



BIOHAZARD 7: Resident Evil Hazard Rush Pachislot released.

9 December

Death of Gary Krawford, voice actor for Brian Irons in Resident Evil 2.[citation needed]

19-20 December

Resident Evil: Resistance was free-to-play on the Xbox One and Steam.[33]

23 December

A Christmas-themed card was added to Resident Evil Ambassador.

24 December

Resident Evil Portal was announced.[34]


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