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21 is a minigame for Resident Evil 7: Biohazard. It was released as part of the "Banned Footage Vol. 2" DLC on 14 February 2017 on the PlayStation 4, with a PC and Xbox One release projected for 21 February.


After being captured by Lucas, Clancy awakens to find his hand strapped down to a makeshift finger guillotine. Sitting across from him is another captured victim; a man named Hoffman, whose head is covered in a burlap sack. Lucas appears on the television behind Hoffman and tells the men to play a round of 21; the winner will live, and the loser will have the fingers on their hand chopped off. During the game, Hoffman apologizes to Clancy, stating that he has to win the game so he can go back to his wife and daughter.

After Clancy wins, Hoffman faints from the pain and shock of having all five fingers chopped off. Just as Lucas is about to let Clancy go, Hoffman recovers and demands to play another round. Joyfully accepting the "challenge" on Clancy's behalf, Lucas straps his "contestants" into a new torture device, which administers various amounts of electricity to them. After giving both men a Level 4 shock as a test, he starts the next round, warning them that a Level 10 shock will be fatal.

Despite a renewed effort from Hoffman, Clancy wins once again, seemingly killing his opponent with a Level 10 shock. Clancy demands to be let go, but Lucas uses wires to manipulate Hoffman like a puppet, requesting one more game on Hoffman's behalf. This time, a spinning saw is positioned above each player; the goal is to make the opponent's saw drop first by winning rounds. Lucas continues mimicking Hoffman to mock Clancy, but his growing desperation shows through his increasingly blatant cheating; nevertheless, Clancy emerges triumphant by turning Lucas's final gambit against him.

After Lucas loses, it's revealed that Hoffman was unconscious, not dead - however, he regains consciousness just in time to see the saw as it kills him. Having won Lucas's twisted game, Clancy begs to be let go. However, Lucas, impressed with Clancy, decides to play another "game" with him instead, much to Clancy's despair.


Unlike the rest of the game, 21 is turn-based card game. There is no moving, shooting, guarding, crouching, etc.; instead, the player selects cards and executes commands for Clancy Jarvis. The player does not have a time-limit to their turn; before making decisions on their move, they can move the camera around and check the files menu.

The game plays similar to Blackjack: Clancy and Hoffman take turns choosing to "hit" (receive another card) or "stay" (retain their current cards and pass their turn to the opponent). When both players "stay" in succession, the face-down cards are revealed. The winner is whoever has the cards with a total value closest to 21 without going over. (however, in the event that both players do go over 21, the player with the lower "bust" (score) wins) The loser of each round either has their fingers chopped off or receives an electric shock, depending on the game mode; the game is decided by the first to lose a total of 5 fingers or take an electric shock when their meter reaches 10.

Unlike normal Blackjack, the cards are numbered 1 through 11, with no doubles within the deck, and both players share the same deck. There are also Trump Cards, which apply special effects to the table; drawing certain cards, increasing the opponent's bet, changing the target value, and more. New Trump Cards become available for Clancy's use as certain challenges are completed in the various modes.


Story Mode

For the first game, when someone wins, the loser gets their finger cut off, in which Lucas ups the "bet" each time from one finger, to two fingers, to three and so on, depending on how many there are left.

For the second game, Lucas introduces Trump Cards, giving two of them to each of his victims at the start of the round. When a player loses, Lucas administers the next level of electrocution, depending on the "bet" the losing victim has accumulated; a Level 10 shock will kill them. Just like before, Lucas will up the "bets" by 1 after every round; each player is also given a new Trump Card at this time. Trump Cards are also given randomly to a player when they request a card.

The last game plays out like the previous, but every time someone loses, the saw over their head is lowered towards them. As before, Lucas raises the "bet" each round, but he also gives Clancy a "useless" trump card at the start of the game: "Love Your Enemy" (Your opponent draws the best possible card for them from the deck). When the saw is close to Hoffman, Lucas will drop all pretenses and play two Trump Cards to put Clancy in a seemingly-hopeless situation: "Perfect Draw" (Draw the best possible card from the deck), and "Desperation" (Both players' bets are raised by 100 while this card is on the table. Opponent cannot draw cards, even via trump card effects). However, Clancy can use "Love Your Enemy" to force Lucas to draw an extra card, defeating him by forcing him over 21.

Alternatively, in the second to last round (for example when the saw is 5 away from Hoffman with the bet at 4) Clancy can use a trump card to raise the opponent's bet causing the bet to go high enough that Hoffman is killed before it is expected resulting in the Desperation and Perfect Draw cards never being drawn by Hoffman.


This game mode plays out like Game 1 of the story mode, but with dialogue limited to requesting cards, denying cards, and declaring the results. The "bets" do not accumulate each round, and each player receives Trump Cards at the beginning of the game. The player must beat five opponents to win; the final one of which is a "Molded Hoffman" with a special Trump Card that they'll play at the beginning of the round (Curse: Discard one of your trump cards at random, and force the other player to draw the highest number card from the deck). Completing the game will grant the player with Trump Cards for next time when completing certain challenges.


Just like Game 2 in Story Mode and Survival, the player must beat 10 opponents without dying while being hooked up to the electrocution device. The game is pretty much the same as Survival, but with a lot more difficult AI opponents and the games taking double the time to get through. The final opponent is "Undead Hoffman".


Name Reward
Defeat a total of 5 opponents. Go For 24
Defeat a total of 15 opponents. Two-Up+
Defeat 2 opponents in a row without being tortured once. Shield+
Reach 21 a total of 3 times. Starting Trump Card +1
Reach 21 at least of 3 times in a row. Go For 27
Use a total of 10 trump cards. Exchange
Win a round having used at least 15 trump cards. Trump Switch+
Remove a total of 10 trump cards from the opponents' side. Destroy+
Remove a total of 20 trump cards from the opponents' side. Destroy++
Defeat an opponent despite being bust. Starting Trump Card +1
Complete "Survival." Perfect Draw+
Complete "Survival" without being tortured once. Ultimate Draw
Complete "Survival+" without being tortured once. Grand Reward
Defeat the elusive Mr. Big Head. Starting Trump Card +1
Defeat the elusive Mr. Big Head 2 times. Harvest


Further notes

  • In the Japanese releases, the survival mode involving finger cutting was replaced by having the finger twisted upward until the bones break.


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