21 ending is the scene in the DLC 21 of Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, which plays as the ending of this DLC.



Clancy Jarvis: "To hell with this."

Lucas Baker: "Huh!?"
"Hey, what the hell?"

Clancy: "I'm gonna stay."

Lucas: "Son of a...!"

Clancy: "I'm ending this!"

Clancy: "We're done now... right?"
"Will you let me go now?"

Lucas: "You are one cold son of a bitch! Now, you impress me so much, I'm gonna give you an extra reward."
"We're gonna play another game—you and me."
"Oh, ain't life grand?"

Clancy: "No! I can't take this anymore! Please!"
"Please, god..."

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