21 opening is the scene in the DLC 21 of Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, which plays as the opening of this DLC.


Lucas forced his victims, Clancy and Hoffman to play his game.


Clancy Jarvis: "What the... Where am I?"

Lucas Baker: "Hey. Hey! Hey! Look at me! Yeah, look at me. There ya go. Now, I wonder... do you have what it takes? See, you two are gonna play a little game. And whoever wins gets to walk on outta here alive. So pay attention. Because it's life... or death! Yours."
"Do you like cards? Of course you do. Well, I've made up a game especially for you two. Except we don't bet with chips around here. If you catch my drift."

Hoffman: "Hey, he said he'd let the winner go."

Clancy: "Who are you?"

Hoffman: "What do you think? You believe that freak?"

Lucas: "And now, I'll explain the rules of the game! You fellas played blackjack, right? You just draw cards, trying to add up to twenty-one. Go over twenty-one—and you lose!"

Hoffman: "Wait, wait! This is crazy."

Lucas: "So! Say your prayers, and let the games begin!"

Clancy: "Are you fucking kidding?"

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