The 2F Elevator Room is the second floor access through the elevator of the Spencer Mansion, that is featured in both of the original 1996 Resident Evil and its Remake.


It is a corridor passage composed of a wooden floor, lit with lamps that are hung above the wall. The corridor mainly leads into multiple different rooms on the west side of the mansion.

In the 2002 Remake, the corridor is brightened up by flaming torches. A small carpet is placed in front of the elevator. There is also a goddess statue against the wall, facing towards the door to the western corridor of the second floor. The corridor is also added with an Asian-style scroll, though its picture is western-style.



Two green herbs can be found on the left side of the elevator.

  • In Chris's scenario, player will face three zombies on the corridor.
  • In Jill's scenario, player will face two zombies instead.


In the corridor, player will face two zombies. Unlike the original Resident Evil, the doorknob to the Large Library will be broken, the player is unable to enter the Library from here. A red and two green herbs can be found here.


Resident Evil (2002)
Location Localization Original Script
Statue A damaged statue of a goddess.
The door to the Mirror corridor You unlocked it.
The door to the Large Library The knob is broken. It doesn't look like it'll open.
Scroll on the wall There's an Asian-style hanging scroll on the wall. But the picture on it is Western-style.








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