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"A large caliber firearm. Has a lot of bite, but a lot of recoil too."
— Inventory description

44 MAG (マグナム magunamu?) is a weapon featured in Resident Evil 7: Biohazard.


Based on the real life AutoMagnum Pistol (AMP). The 44 MAG can be purchased for 9 Antique Coins in Zoe's trailer in the Yard outside of the Main House, or in the Mine Office at the Swamp. When first acquired, it has one round loaded.

The single most damaging firearm in the game, comparable to the Albert-01 replica. It holds 7 44 MAG Ammo at a time and takes up 2 inventory slots.

While it offers very high damage per shot; capable of beheading Molded with a single shot to the head, it's ammo is very scarce and often well hidden. It has a noticeable recoil ergo cumbersome fire rate.


The 44 MAG is made available to craft for 100 Scrap after the player unlocks the "44 MAG Set" reward by accumulating 200,000 Points.

Ethan Must Die[]

It can be randomly found in 4-star ranked chests. However the magazine capacity is only 3 rounds.

Jack's 55th Birthday[]

The 44 MAG can be found during the stage "Guest House 2" on the top floor. It is loaded with 3 44 MAG Ammo.


Its incredible firepower and ammo scarcity makes it best saved for boss encounters such as Jack Baker's 3rd, mutated form.