"Kevin's favourite handgun. It uses 45 ACP rounds. "
— Item description

The 45 Auto for Kevin appears in Resident Evil Outbreak as Kevin Ryman's personal item & signature weapon. Being a personal item, the 45 Auto cannot be discarded or transferred to other characters.

The 45 Auto is a powerful seven-shot handgun that uses its own ammunition, 45 ACP. Kevin starts with this weapon in his possession. Using his pot-shot ability, the 45 Auto can kill most zombies in one shot, and inflict great damage to tougher enemies.

In Resident Evil Outbreak File #2, Kevin carries a 45 Auto Magazine as his Extra Item, the only magazine compatible with the 45 Auto.

The 45 Auto's ammunition is very scarce compared to standard handgun bullets. It is best to conserve its ammo for rushing through scenarios or killing strong enemies. All partners that acquire 45 Auto rounds should give them to Kevin when needed.


  • Compared to standard Handguns and Magnums, the 45 functions as the middle ground between them.
  • AI controlled Kevin will automatically equip this weapon as soon the scenario starts. Once he spots an enemy, he will shoot the foe until he runs out of ammo. Take note that he does not use potshots, wasting precious 45 rounds.
  • In File #2, even if the player gives AI Kevin a handgun and requests him to use it, after a while, he will equip again his 45. CPU Kevin was programmed to race the players and equip the most powerful weapon in his item slot.




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